4 Signs You Are Emotionally Cheating On Your Partner


By Sharanya Manola

4 Signs You Are Emotionally Cheating On Your Partner

So, you just met someone, whom you really liked and now you cannot stop thinking about him or her.  But, there is just one catch- you are already in a relationship! Well, there is no harm in it until the time you are serious about the current relationship because there is not much at stake. However, if you are either married or committed to someone, this could put you in emotional tangles. Unlike physical infidelity, emotional cheating is not easy to spot. Cheating is not necessarily about sharing beds. It can be guilt-free emotional bonding with someone other than your partner because you are investing a lot of time and energy into knowing this new person in your life.

Read on to know about the signs that show you are emotionally cheating on your partner.
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