'Bigg Boss 12' Contestant Karanvir Bohra Is On A Keto Diet For Past 6 Months, Fitness Secrets Inside


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'Bigg Boss 12' Contestant Karanvir Bohra Is On A Keto Diet For Past 6 Months, Fitness Secrets Inside

He is one of those telly town actors who is not only loved for his super-talented acting skills, but also (probably more) for his perfectly toned body. He is that ‘tall, dark, handsome’ guy every girl wishes to have as a life partner. Any guesses who we are talking about? Yes, it’s none other than famous television actor, Karanvir Bohra.

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Recently seen in famous soap opera, Naagin 2, the actor has been a prominent face in the Indian television fraternity. Recently, team Karanvir Bohra shared a post on his official Instagram account and along with it wrote:

"Fitness has always been an integral part of #KVBs life.. That’s something KVB and Teejay have in common fact! Whether they’re gymming, or learning dance, or biking..they always maintain a certain level of fitness in their lives. KVB has been on a keto diet for about six months now... Keto is a diet of low carbs with high fats and protein. Because after all a healthy lifestyle not only changes your body, but it changes your body, attitude and mind as well."

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Broad frame, perfect chest, toned shoulders and whatnot, this trained Kathak dancer confesses that he "works like a beast”. He surely has come a long way as and when fitness is talked about. In case you too want an amazingly fit body like him, take cues from his workout and diet schedules revealed here. Scroll on and read!

Karanvir’s diet plan

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Who says vegetarians have less options or whatever options they have are not as protein rich as required to do rigorous workout? Karanvir Bohra is a vegetarian or we can say, an eggetarian, but knows well how to include a healthy amount of carbs and proteins in his diet. Moreover, he sticks to eating smaller portions.

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Talking about his diet plans, the actor revealed:

“I am a vegetarian, though I do include eggs in my diet. I eat every two hours and my diet is a mix of carbohydrates and proteins. I tend to get hungry very often as I eat small portions. I usually prefer carrying my food from home but in case I haven't, I will have a small sandwich or something light.”

Image Courtesy: Instagram

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Karanvir further added:

“Being a Marwari and that too from Jodhpur, it's a crime if you don't eat sweets. I've grown up eating sweets. My favourite is Mawe Ke Barfi, which can be eaten hot, cold, mashed with ice, and in so many other ways.”

His workout regimen

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Karanvir is one of those fitness freaks who simply eats, drinks and breathes gym. In fact, in an interview with a leading entertainment portal, this Naagin 2 actor spilled some beans related to his workout schedule. Here’s what the actor was quoted as saying:

“I work out every day before my shoots as well as after pack-up. My mornings start at around six with cardio and generally, I do my weight-training at 10 in the night, after pack-up. I tend to work out for around half-an-hour to 45 minutes, both in the morning and at night. I have kept a good balance of cardio and weight-training. I don't want to get too big, so, I have to be careful with my workouts. Though I don't get much time for sports, I love playing cricket and football whenever I get a chance.”

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Not just this, he had even unveiled his problematic areas when it comes to exercising. He is happy to be blessed with a body type that doesn’t has the tendency to gain weight easily. Hear form the man himself:

“I actually don't have a tendency to put on weight. I don't put on muscle easily. In fact, if it takes another person one month to accomplish something through their fitness routine, it will probably take me six months to accomplish the same. I have to work harder to accomplish anything - whether it's in fitness or in life. But there are no regrets as it is in my blood to work like a beast!”

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Talking about his strengths and advantages that he has inherited from his dad’s body frame, the actor said:

“My dad has a good frame, which I have inherited. I am proud of my chest and shoulder and I don't have to work hard on it. In fact, I probably work out on my chest just once a month. I am definitely into fitness as it's important to be healthy and fit. For me, going to the gym is like going to the office. It's a must!”

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In addition to this, Karanvir also includes Pilates in his workout. Here’s the picture that he shared on his Instagram handle where we could see him doing Pilates:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The caption along with this one read:

“Whoever said that #pilates was easy, I've realised that there are parts of my body that are so stiff.

Working with @neelam.motwani on her #pilates machines and reformers have really helped me making my core strong...

I'm still taking baby steps and have a long way to go to I reach my assigned goal.

Kero working at your weakness to convert them into your strengths....

Is difficult but nothing worth having comes easy.

So find your weakness and destroy it.

#day27 #fat2fitchallenge #kvb #bratpacks”

One more thing guys, a few months back, Karanvir himself posted his transformation picture on Instagram and the caption along with it is undoubtedly inspirational. Here’s the picture that he shared:

Image Courtesy: Instagram

The caption could be read as:

“#timesup...but the journey has just started.

It was a 2month journey that I had embarked trying to fight the fat I had accumulated in my body.

The industry that I work in its very unforgiving but still very supportive of ur achievements.

This #fat2fit challenge for me has been an eye opener.if you set out to do something with passion and sincerity, with the grace of God you will achieve it. This is also for those who feel that you cannot make a body eating vegetarian food, all that is a myth. This 2month transformation is a pure vegetarian diet.

Now when I read that @sonu_sood and @shahidkapoor have made their body eating vegetarian food, I now know what they mean and how they feel.

There is always a debate on vegetarians & Non-vegetarians, but that is completely ones choice....I chose this path and in really really happy and content.

For me this is just the beginning, I got miles to go b4 I sleep.

#day60of60 #fat2fit #challengecompleted”

And guys, we have a few videos of this hard-core workout freak. Check them out and we are sure it will motivate you to start doing workout regularly (in case you don’t do so). 






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Phew...! So yes, we can strongly say that Karanvir has done a great job (and is doing an amazing work). Kudos to his strict workout schedules and diet plans, which help him embrace such muscular and fit body. More power to you, Karanvir!

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