10 Cute Things Every Couple Should Try In The First Year Of Their Marriage


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10 Cute Things Every Couple Should Try In The First Year Of Their Marriage

Honeymoon, road-trips, kids and friends; the fun has just begun. We are talking about your first year of marriage that is thrilling and incredibly special. As a ‘newly-married’ couple, you both are all set to start a new home and life together, but there are certain cute things you can do together in your debut year to make memories.

Just follow these awesome tips and get set go on your journey to a ‘happily married life’.

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#1. Talk kids

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Fret not! Talking kids doesn’t mean you should have them. Even we would like you to enjoy your DINK (double income no kids) status as long as possible. But wouldn’t it be a brilliant idea to just casually talk ‘babies’? The cute and awesome conversation will stay with you for a lifetime.  After all what’s wrong in examining your reasons for wanting to have kids.

#2. Dance

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Dancing and performing with your darling in your living room will surely be an exciting first-time experience. It’s fun, lively and can really mean a lot to the ‘much in love’ couple. So, get into each other’s arms and it is going to be your one treasured possession.

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#3. Weekend getaway

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Honeymoon is surely there, but exploring more places together as a couple is just awesome. Once in a while you can plan something simple and inexpensive by packing off to a nearby destination. You can embark on an impromptu weekend getaway with your sweetheart and come back happy, spirited and rejuvenated. Just go with the flow as you don’t need a reason to put your feet up and fly high.

#4. Kiss and caress

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You are made for each other and you can always show your love to your partner. But believe us, the first year is the best time for that lovey-dovey moments and romance. So give in to the moment and kiss each other as often as possible. Say ‘I love you’ when your partner least expects it. Indulge and act on those sensuous and lovely feelings that the two of you will treasure for years to come.

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#5. Fun classes

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Signing up for a class is a cool way for you two to strengthen your relationship and feel comfortable with. As Mr. and Mrs., the unique and relaxing hobbies can leave you with lasting memories. Salsa, culinary, guitar, fitness or meditation; pick the one that suits you best and get going.

#6. Host a dinner party

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Welcoming friends and family as a married couple to your home will add a new dimension to your bond. Call it a welcome party for your people or a post-marriage bash; the plan will definitely give you a reason to come close to each other. Also, it would be exciting to catch up with your friends and grow your social circle.

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#7. Say it please

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We know you are gen-X and have already discussed a hoard of things. But there is so much that you still don’t know about your husband/wife. Take the first year of marriage as an opportunity to explore each other. Let each other know how you are feeling with a new person. Have a lovely time as you mingle and get to know each other by discussing your needs, wants and expectations.

#8. Surprise surprise

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We know there is this entire life for you to celebrate, enjoy and pamper each other. But then the opening year is unmatchable when it comes to surprises and gifts. Make it super special by throwing small surprises for your significant other. So, if it’s visiting him/her at work, giving roses to each other or sneaking a love note into his/her lunch box; it’s really a great way to funk things up.

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#9. Clean up

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You will be amazed to find how entertaining your chores can be with your life partner. Play your favourite track and grab his/her hand and turn your cleaning and household activities into a workout. The cute technique not only keeps your house in order but also burns off that stress and calories associated. And for better results, you can reward each other too with romantic surprises and kisses.

#10. Cooking together

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It is said that a kitchen can always keep you together and glued. Well, we don’t want you both to go overboard with your preparations or ideas. You can prepare something as simple as noodles or salads. It’s just about sending a message to each other that you are a team now and are always there for each other.

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There are many other things you can do to make the very first year of your marriage adorable and memorable. Just write to us about your ideas that a couple can cherish and look back to for the rest of their lives!