10 Best Ways To Rock Your 'Sindoor' Look After Marriage


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10 Best Ways To Rock Your 'Sindoor' Look After Marriage

The application of sindoor on the forehead by married women has been a part of the tradition since centuries. Since it is one of the solah shringaars (16 Indian bridal adornments) that a married woman is supposed to wear, why not do it right? Here are some ideas for you to make that sindoor look rock.

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#1. Apply it the right way

ways to rock sindoor look

The first thing that you must keep in mind before applying the sindoor is to have steady hands. Trickled sindoor looks untidy. If you are unsure about applying sindoor with your fingers, use a sindoor stick to make sure that the application is perfect.

#2. Consider the hairstyle

ways to rock sindoor lock

Before applying it, take a look at your hairstyle and let it decide how much sindoor you can put on your forehead. If your hairstyle has longer partition then you can put more sindoor on your head. If you are doing side partition, a cute little dot would be fine.

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#3. Glam it up

ways to rock sindoor lock

Use those pretty small stone bindis or some glitter eyeliners to accessorise your sindoor. You can put just one small stone at the tip of the sindoor or draw some simple designs with glitter eyeliner. Glam up your sindoor with these simple things.

#4. Wear it with western

ways to rock sindoor look

There is no rule that you can wear sindoor only with traditional Indian clothes. Just put on a little red dot on your forehead and it will look great with your smokey eyes. From an LBD to shorts, you can wear your it with everything.

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#5. Play with the colours

ways to rock sindoor look

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Sindoor is not always red. It comes in three different colours; maroon, blood red and orange. So ladies, you have so many choices in your hands. Maroon sindoor looks amazing on dusky complexion while blood red looks nice on the fairer women. If you want to play with it, orange will work with your tangerine outfits.

#6. Use your lipstick

ways to rock sindoor look

If three colours are not enough for you, then, you can use the different colours of your lipstick and match your sindoor with your outfits. This trick works well with dark and deeper shades of brown and purple.

#7. Team up with a bindi

ways to rock sindoor look

Bring out your inner goddess by pairing your red sindoor with a simple round red bindi. The pair of big bindi, of any colour, and sindoor gives you a beautiful traditional touch.

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#8. Playing with the texture

ways to rock sindoor look

Yes, like your lipsticks and nail paints, sindoor also comes in a variety of textures. There is liquid sindoor, powder sindoor and even matte sindoor. So, go ahead and get them all to create different looks.

#9. Be careful with the powder

ways to rock sindoor look

There is a belief that if sindoor falls on the nose, it brings good luck but we are sure that you would feel luckier, if it doesn't spoil the contouring on your nose. So, be careful while applying it in powder form and save your look.

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#10. Consider it the main thing

ways to rock sindoor look

Don't put sindoor on your forehead just for the sake of applying it. Consider it the real deal. Build your look around your sindoor. With deep coloured sindoor, you can create the perfect smokey eye look with nude lips or you can wear red lipstick with red sindoor and look fabulous.

We can feel your excitement through the screen. Go ahead and give your everyday sindoor look a beautiful twist. Make it stylish and wear it proudly. No matter, whether it is with a western dress or a traditional saree, the beautiful vermillion will add moons to your look.

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