11 Reasons Why You Are Lucky To Have A 'Bhabhi' In Your Life As Best Friend


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11 Reasons Why You Are Lucky To Have A 'Bhabhi' In Your Life As Best Friend

Some relationships are not of blood, but of the heart. Your relationship with your bhabhi is one of them. She is your friend, philosopher, and guide. When it comes to her, you have no apprehensions about anything. You can be completely honest with her and know that she will not judge you. She comes to your home as a blessing and here we have some of the reasons why it is great to have a bhabhi in your life.

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#1. Fashion guide

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After her wedding shopping and shopping for your brother, your bhabhi has already become excellent in shopping for both the genders. You can always turn to her for some fashion tips.

#2. Travel partner

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If you are someone who loves to travel but would always cancel plans because your friends turn you down at the last moment, then, worry not, bhabhi darling is here. You can always ask her to accompany you and even your parents would not mind you going with her.

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#3. Takes care like a mom

Bhabhis will take care of you like your mom does. Maybe because she sees her siblings in you, but also because she adores you. You are her friend and she likes to pamper you.

#4. Saves you from everyone

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She is your advocate after you make mistakes. If somehow you end up in trouble and the entire universe is ready to punish you for that, she will enter the room, make a point (it does not matter whether it is valid or not) and get you out of trouble. She is capable of doing that, isn’t she?

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#5. Personal psychiatrist

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From problems in the love life to career to weight issues, she will always be there as your very own shoulder to cry on. She is the motivational speaker in your life and can pull you out of the darkest of phases. She will always show you the higher road.

#6. All the festivals are more fun

Image: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

Image: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai

She makes all the festivals more fun. She will be enthusiastic about the upcoming festivities and her contagious energy will make everyone participate in the celebrations. Festivals will be amazing with her.

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#7. Brings the family closer

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Nobody can explain how, but she has this magic in her that brings the family closer. After she comes to your home, you suddenly feel that your family has become happier. She is the wonder woman for everyone.

#8. You can play pranks with her

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You can play all the pranks in the world with her and she wouldn't mind. Instead, she would be cooking some plans by herself just to show you that she excels even in that.

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#9. Your relationship guru

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Since she is the experienced one and is almost your age, she will be able to understand your relationship better than your parents will and will be able to give you good advice. She will never let you go the wrong way.

#10. Your Rakshabandhan gifts become amazing

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Now that someone more relatable will be shopping for your rakhi gifts in place of your brother; someone who understands your taste, you can be sure that those gifts will be amazing.

#11. She's not a part of just your brother's life, but yours too

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When she marries your brother, she does not just become a part of his life but yours as well. Your bhabhi will be a part of every moment of your life and you both will be glad for that.

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There was a time when you did not know her but now that she is here, you wonder how you have been living without her. She makes everything beautiful, be it the decor or the lives of the people. She is your 4 a.m. friend who loves to listen to you. In short, she is a blessing in disguise. 

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