13 Things That Cross The Mind Of A Woman Becoming A Mother For The First Time


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13 Things That Cross The Mind Of A Woman Becoming A Mother For The First Time

Becoming a mother for the very first time is the most blessed and amazing feeling in the world for any woman. Giving birth to your child is nothing less than a miracle. Bringing a new soul into the world, caring for this little beautiful being that you created, and knowing that he belongs only to you is a feeling that can never be explained in words.

But there are a lot of thoughts that cross a woman’s mind, who is about to become a mommy for the first time. So, read on to know them all by stepping into her mind!

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#1. Am I going to put on a lot of weight?


With all the guilt-free eating I will be allowed during my pregnancy along with the extra love and care that I'll get from my family, I wonder how much I will put on?

#2. Will I ever be able to lose all of it?

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Putting on is easy, getting rid of it is the difficult part! Will I be able to lose it all? Will I be able to gather the strength and motivation to work out? Well, I hope I do!

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#3. I hope I don’t get the dreaded nausea

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The one that everyone talks about; the one where whatever you eat, you puke! I so hope that doesn’t happen with me.

#4. Will I have to leave my work?


Will that be a good decision? Will I be able to work without any difficulties during my pregnancy? And if I leave, will I be able to get my same job or the same pay package back again?

#5. How will my relationship with my husband change?

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

I am sure he will become even more caring towards me, my needs and my cravings (if at all I have any). I only hope he never gets too busy with work, and the baby and I are will always remain his top priorities.

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#6. I hope my in-laws will be supportive

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Not only throughout the pregnancy, but afterwards as well. It will be an entirely new journey for me and I will need not only their help, but guidance also in order to raise my child.

#7. Will it be a boy or a girl?


The excitement is so amazing! Boy or girl, doesn’t make a difference, all I want is a beautiful and healthy baby.

#8. Will I be a good mother?

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Will I be as good as my mom was? Will I be patient with my child? I hope I am able to raise a wonderful human being.

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#9. I know he will be the best dad ever!

Image Courtesy: Instgaram

Image Courtesy: Instgaram

I don’t know about myself, but this I know that my husband will be the most perfect dad. Seeing him being so responsible towards me and his nature with other kids around, I feel like the luckiest wife ever!

#10. I need to make so many changes in the house before the baby comes


I have to do up the baby nursery, clear out the space in the closets for the baby’s stuff, buy clothes for myself because I will still be a little out of shape! So much to do, such little time! I should better get to making lists right away!

#11. Why does everyone advise me to catch up on all the sleep possible?


Whoever I meet advises me to sleep now because that won’t be possible when the baby arrives! How hard could it actually be?

#12. I hope no one forces me to choose a weird name for the baby!

Image Courtesy: Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

I want my child to have a unique yet beautiful name, and I hope that decision is left to me and my husband alone with a room for suggestions open to all.

#13. I wish my delivery is an easy one!


Hearing other people’s experiences of delivery, I get cold feet whenever I think of that time. Whether it is a normal one or through surgery, I just hope it is over before I know it!

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Well, these are just a few things that repeatedly visit her thoughts. A first time expecting mommy has a mind that never rests and it's always full of questions, doubts, uncertainties, and of course excitement. So, if you went through some other things too when you were expecting for the first time, feel free to share your experience in the comments section below!