17 Ways Your Life Changes Once You Have A Baby


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17 Ways Your Life Changes Once You Have A Baby

There is no greater blessing and bigger gift than becoming a mother, a parent. The joys of motherhood are manifold. Each day is a new surprise. The ways in which your child fills your life with only happiness and nothing else is priceless. But then again, there are good times and bad times too. It is all part of the game as they say! In whichever way, life does change for the parents, more so for the mother after having a baby. 

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So we got you a list of the most obvious changes every woman faces after she brings her little bundle of joy to the world.

#1. The new curves 

Your body turns into a huge apple in nine months and becomes somewhat shapeless just after you give birth. Even though you may come back to your pre-pregnancy weight but some things like stretch marks, a flabby stomach, swollen feet, etc. never seem to go away. 

#2. You become selfless

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy

You now start to think of your child first before everything else. No matter how sleep deprived you may be or how many times your baby may have vomited or pooped on you, your baby is the apple of your eye and you would go to any limit to ensure his/her happiness.

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#3. You realise the value of time

Gif via Girl.com
Gif via Girl.com

Gone are the days where you could just laze around in the house and watch movies one after the other. After becoming a mom, 24 hours seem to be less in a day!

#4. Pets are no longer your babies as they used to be

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr 

Your sudden enmity with the tiniest bacteria and dirt particles leave your pets in a tight spot. They are no longer your babies and are not allowed on the bed, the sofas, the carpets, and well; let’s face it- almost everywhere! 

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#5. The biggest luxury you can now have is ‘some free time’

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr 

How you wish you could get a few minutes, let alone hours a day just to yourself just to do whatever you want. Who knew going to the washroom would be a mission for which you would need to make time in your time table.

#6. Your favourite conversation is the colour of your kid’s poop

Image / Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

No matter how hard you try, every conversation you have somehow boils down to the consistency and color of your kid’s poop and you could even write a book on it!

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#7. Your group of friends change 

Image / Instagram

Image Courtesy: Instagram

All your single friends don’t quite enjoy your company anymore and neither do you. You now want to be around people who have kids of their own and are sailing in the same boat as you!

#8. Your phone now has only nursery rhymes and baby videos

Honey Singh tracks, cool selfies and latest Bollywood videos in your phone are now replaced with all nursery rhymes known to man, endless pictures of your child and Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck videos!

#9. You are a powerhouse of mood swings

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr 

You cry more often, you get upset very easily, you laugh for no reason, fight with your husband for absolutely no reason and your mood swings are more often now than ever. Blame the hormones and no sleep! 

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#10. Your priorities take a drastic turn

Image / Life As We Know It

Image Courtesy: Life As We Know It 

You no longer think of which car to buy or which country to holiday in. Your main priority now is to make your child’s future secure, find out about the best schools and playschools and get your child the best grooming possible.

#11. The size of your handbags

Sleek clutches and trendy sling bags are now all piled up at the back of your closet. Say hello to colourful baby bags and huge dump bags that are filled with diapers and wipes and baby food and toys!

#12. Your bond with your parents

Image / Heyy Baby

Image Courtesy: Heyy Baby

It is only after you become a parent yourself do you realise how much your parents have done for you. You begin to love and respect them even more and feel sorry for all those times you have lied to or misbehaved with them. It is truly said that God couldn’t be everywhere so he created parents!

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#13. Your bond with your husband changes

Image / Shaadi Ke Side Effects

Image Courtesy: Shaadi Ke Side Effects

You now come to see what a caring person he really is. The love and responsibility he shows towards you and your child and all the ways in which he tries to help you out to make your life easier makes you fall in love with him every day, over and over again!

#14. Your outings now mean something else

Image / Rediff

Image Courtesy: Rediff

You no longer plan to go to the most happening clubs, dinner dates, movie dates with your group of friends or beach holidays. Outings now mean baby parks, theme parks and kids' stores!

#15. You forget what sleep means

Image / Baby's Day Out

Image Courtesy: Baby's Day Out 

You dream of that day when you would go to bed one night only to wake up the next morning and not twenty times during the night to feed and to clean! Would that ever even be possible? How you wish!

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#16. The house is no longer spick and span

Image / Life As We Know It

Image Courtesy: Life As We Know It 

If you don’t step on a toy with each step you take in the house, your baby is yet to be born. Say hello to untidy rooms, Disney bed sheets, cars, baby scooters, booster seats and toys all around the place.

#17. Your wardrobe changes 

Now isn't that true? You forget about all your trendy and stylish clothes and the only thing you want to wear is old, loose, long and comfortable clothes. You also don’t mind sharing your husband's casual wardrobe.

But for what it is worth, there is no happier feeling than seeing the face of your child every morning you wake up despite all the hardships and lifestyle changes you face. It’s a miracle and God’s greatest gift you need to be thankful for and cherish each day!

Image credit: Instagram

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