5 Simple Yoga Exercises To Get Those Perfectly Toned Hips And Legs


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5 Simple Yoga Exercises To Get Those Perfectly Toned Hips And Legs

Being fit nowadays has become a trend of sorts. It is no longer about staying fit for good health, but about staying fit and slim because it’s ‘in’. But it really shouldn’t be that way! Have we forgotten all about the importance of being fit and healthy instead of fit and fashionable?

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It is a good thing to get your daily dose of exercise by going to the gym or working out at home, but it is equally important to do it for all the right reasons. If you have a toned body that is used to a regular amount of exercise, it means that you are healthy and will be so for longer than most others who do not exercise.

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

Exercising on a regular basis lowers your chance of a stroke and even of cholesterol. If truth be told, there is no better way to exercise than yoga. Yoga gives you immense peace of mind, apart from improving your concentration and focus levels. Moreover, it does help you stay lean and trim and above all, healthy! 

Here are a few yoga exercises that can help tone your body, just in time for the festive season. These exercises are in the form of easy-to-follow poses and focus on the hips and the legs. They will help you tone those particular areas of your body really well. 

#1. Ustrasana or the camel pose

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

This is a wonderful way to get your body in shape and to improve concentration and flexibility. This particular asana tones up the front of the body and flexes out your hip muscles wonderfully. It is also a great way to tone your thighs and legs. All you have to do is sit in Vajrasana, lift up the hips and open out your chest, looking up towards the ceiling. Make sure your palms touch your feet and gently let your head fall back. 

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#2. Baddha Konasana or the butterfly pose

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

If you’re one of those who don’t have too much time on hand, this is an ideal exercise. To do this, you just have to sit down, making sure the soles of your feet are touching each other, and your knees are bent. Then, hold onto your ankles and push your knees downwards as much as you can. Hold that pose and take long, deep breaths. This asana can open up your hip muscles and tone your leg muscles, super-efficiently. 

#3. Navasana or the boat pose

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

If you master this asana, it can be incredibly good for your body as well as your inner being. It can build up your core strength and significantly improves blood circulation in the body. To do this, sit down in half reclining pose. Then, lean backwards and lift your legs off the ground. Try to maintain that balance and when you feel steady, bring up your hands and hold them straight out. Don’t forget to breathe deeply. 

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#4. Setu Bandhasana or the bridge pose

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

This is an excellent way to tone up your muscles and to build up strength in and around the hips. This is a simple pose, which requires you to lie down on your back. Then, raise your knees up, with the soles of your feet still flat on the floor and grasp the back of your ankles with your hands. Then, slowly lift your hips and back, upwards. This exercise also improves blood circulation and is an excellent way to tone the hips and legs. 

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#5. Utkatasana or the chair pose

Yoga exercises for hips and legs

Do not be fooled by the name! This asana does not allow you to actually sit on a chair. It entails holding the pose that we generally do while sitting on a chair. This is a great exercise to stimulate and flex out the muscles in your hips and legs, especially the thighs. To do this, stand up tall and erect. Then, gently bend your legs and bring your buttocks down a little, just as though you were sitting on a chair. Raise your arms above your head after taking a deep breath. Keep inhaling and exhaling as you hold this pose. It’s great for building up muscle strength. 

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Well, folks, it looks like you have all the inspiration you need! Start doing these exercises on a regular basis, and you will have those toned hips and legs in no time at all.