5 Things That Can Make Your Marriage Happy According To Science


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5 Things That Can Make Your Marriage Happy According To Science

Marriage, if successful, is the best relationship to share on earth, and similarly, if your marriage does not work well it will lead you nowhere. There is no sure shot formula to lead a happy married life, but at least we can try to make it happy and blissful. Here are some scientific ways that can help you to keep your marriage successful and keep you happy as a couple.

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#1. Treat your marriage as lifelong commitment

A piece of paper or some religious rituals and ceremony has no power to keep you both together in a relationship for long. This is between you, how you both want to keep your marriage alive. Rather seeing your marriage as a short-term partnership, first be clear in your mind that you both have to stay together always. If anyone among the partner is having doubt about it or looking for someone else, than this relationship will never work. Long-term commitment is a must and it should be respected and kept by both the partners. (18 Signs That Show He Is The Right One For You)

#2. Choose a partner similar to you

According to a Cornell University research, handling marriage becomes difficult at times. But, it will be easy to handle these difficult situations with someone having common interests, likes/dislikes, and perceptions about life. There is a critical need for similarity, the way you look at life, and want to take things ahead matters. So, it is better to spend some time with your partner before getting married.

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#3. Do not expect your partner to make you happy

New York Times reported that based on research done in University of Washington it can be established that many of us invite sadness, even depression in our lives by expecting happiness from our partner. Ask yourself a question, “Were you not happy before marriage?” If yes, then how does it depend on your partner now? Rethink and you will find many things that made you happy before marriage. So, why always crib about your partner? Try to set your goals. Never leave your social circle for the sake of your partner. Enjoy your life as you did before.

#4. Try to solve your problem by talking rather than texting

Researchers at Brigham Young University found that couples who apologise, or solve their issues by communicating clearly tend to have a better and happy married life than those who prefer to text. It is always advisable to discuss the problem and come with a common solution. But, keep the discussion short and to the point and come up with a win-win solution.

#5. Respect each other’s dreams and privacy

As per researcher and psychologist John Gottman, most ‘gridlocked’ disputes can be avoided among couples if they “acknowledge and respect each other’s deepest, most personal hopes and dreams”. For being happy, it is advisable to the couples to respect and believe in helping their partner to achieve his/her dream.

Always keep one thing in mind that it is your journey together in your relationship that counts. Consciously make an effort to understand and not hurt each other. Be happy and keep happy.

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