5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles Quickly


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5 Best Ways To Get Rid Of Love Handles Quickly

There are some things in life, which can never be resisted. For example, even though you have a bulging tummy, you cannot resist the yummy food whenever you pass a food stall. Does the mere sight of aloo chaat and paneer tikka make you forget all your weight-loss resolutions? With all your love for spicy and high-cholesterol food, what tends to often get neglected is your body. We complain of an obese body, belly bulge and love handles, but never work towards reducing them.

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If this is your story too, and you have no idea how to go about all your weight-worries, just follow these simple steps to lose those love handles like a pro. Trust us, you will be surprised.

#1. Perfect posture

Maintaining the right posture goes a long way in helping you trim down your belly, especially that excessive fat around the abdomen. So, always stand straight with your weight distributed on both the feet. Do not forget to pull your belly button close to your spine, while keeping the shoulders relaxed. The head and neck have to be in one straight line, at all times.

#2. Yoga twists

Doing crunches for your abs does not always melt those stubborn love handles. Learn and practice yoga, especially the side twists. These side twists not only tone the muscles, but also tuck in the bulging fat from the sides. Poses that you must try are the twisted triangle and standing spinal twist, along with kapalbhati pranayam (quick exhalations).

#3. You are what you eat

When trying to get rid of love handles, altering your diet can do wonders. Avoid white foods such as rice, milk, sugar and salt, as they are empty calories. Substitute it with coloured foods like spinach, carrot, grapes, tomatoes, etc. Also, include lemon water with honey in your diet, preferably replacing the aerated drinks and canned juices.

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#4. Oblique sit-ups

Though quite similar to the traditional sit-ups, the oblique one is more challenging to do. Just lay straight on your back. Make your knees bend towards one side of your body. Now, perform the exercise by bringing your chest up towards the sky. Repeat this in two sets of 10. This exercise puts pressure on the sides of your belly, thus helping in reduction of side fat.

#5. Twist dance

It is more of a dance than a workout. Just play your favourite dance number and dance off those love handles with this super-awesome way of dancing. The trick is to incorporate as many twists as possible. By doing this, you will not even realise when you lose all that weight.

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You do not have to be calorie-phobic to have a perfect body. Just some tricks with a little discipline is the key to a healthy living and a smokin’ hot body.