6 Superb Hair Care Tricks You Probably Didn't Know Before


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6 Superb Hair Care Tricks You Probably Didn't Know Before

Undoubtedly, naturally healthy locks are a woman’s biggest assets. But, let us face it! Our stressful lives and polluted environment have not left them healthy anymore. Hence, all of us look for some or other hair treatments to give them a "fake" silky and shiny look. What’s more? These treatments make our hair look good just for a while, but make it even unhealthier in the long run. (READ: How To Increase Hair Volume)

Well, we know that it is your busy everyday schedule, which is largely to be blamed for this. But, there are a certain small things that you can easily do maintain good health of your hair. So, read on these quick and simple hair care tips and make your lovely locks look good naturally.

#1. Wrap your hair with cotton t-shirt

The question that might come to your mind after reading this would be, “why not a soft cotton towel?” Well, the reason is that the grooves of a towel become quite harsh on hair, which already become comparatively softer and weaker when wet. Furthermore, towels soak the entire moisture from your hair while what you need is just the removal of excess water. This way, your hair strands get really damaged and frizzy. So, the best way is to use a cotton t-shirt to wring out the excess water out of your wet hair. You can also wrap your hair in it, and leave for around 10-15 minutes.

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#2. Untangle in the shower

While most of you might be following the usual method of applying conditioner on your hair strands and washing them off, there is time that you bring a slight change in this habit. Once you have applied a good quality conditioner, brush it gently through your hair strands (and not the scalp) with a large-toothed comb while you are in the shower. Even distribution of conditioner in your hair strands will not only make them healthier, but will also ensure the ease of combing afterwards.

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#3. Protection from chlorinated water

Before heading out for a swim, shield your hair with a leave-in hair conditioner. This way, you will seal the cuticles and your damp hair will not absorb any chemicals from the pool. Also, never shampoo prior to swimming as it will strip off the natural oils that protect your hair from the damage. Additionally, wear the head-cap or at least keep your hair tightly fastened. This will prevent tangling of hair while you will be swimming. Similarly, if the bathing water is chlorinated, then always nourish your hair with an essential oil before shampooing.

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#4. Freedom from static hair

This is a usual thing to happen to most of us whenever the air gets drier, especially during the winter season. Our hair strands get charged up and resist each other, hence making them look even drier and rougher. Well, a quick and easy way out of this problem is to put some hairspray on your comb and then brush your hair with it. Alternately, you can make use of dryer sheets and rub them over your hair from root to tip.

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#5. Curling with paper bag strips

Yes, you read that right! You can get those beautiful curls without heat-treating your hair. Here is what you have to do:

  • Wash your hair and remove excess water with the help of an old t-shirt.
  • Section your hair and roll each part in paper strips.
  • Wait till your hair dry and then remove the paper strips, and you are good to go!

Also take a look at this video for better understanding:

Video Courtesy: Michelle Phan

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#6. Lemon juice to get highlights

If you have your reservations of using chemicals to get subtle highlights, then go natural. Squeeze some lemon juice and dilute it because it is highly acidic and can dry out your hair. The ratio should be 50:50 with water. Spray it on that area of your hair where you want the highlights, and expose it to the sunlight for around 30 minutes. After this, shampoo your hair thoroughly to remove the lemon juice. Once dried, you will see the highlights.

So, do you still think it is difficult to keep your hair naturally healthy? Well, we are sure not! Just try these simple tips and then no one can stop you from flaunting naturally beautiful locks.

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