7 Famous Indian Celebrities Doppelgangers: Alia Bhatt To Suhana Khan

Ever wondered how meeting your lookalikes will feel? Read on as we introduce you to famous celebrities and their doppelgangers that will make you scratch your head.


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7 Famous Indian Celebrities Doppelgangers: Alia Bhatt To Suhana Khan

When we were young, we all had heard from our nani and dadi that every person has six look-a-likes. The best part about it is that we tend to meet them, once in our lifetime. And if you are a celebrity chances of meeting your doppelganger are super high. It might sound all crazy but we are talking about facts and not just mere sayings.

Over the years, we have often seen celebrities and their lookalikes, who look similar and leave us scratching our head. And we are not talking about comedians, who dress up like celebrities and mimic them, but actual people who look exactly similar. Come on as we introduce you to celebrities and their doppelgangers.

#1. Alia Bhatt

Left to right: Alia Bhatt and Celesti Bairagey!

Alia Bhatt is the reigning queen of Bollywood and is loved by all. While we all think she is one of her kind, there is a young woman, who looks exactly like her. Meet Celesti Bairagey, who is a television actress, and she left the entire nation and especially, Alia Bhatt's fans stunned by her uncanny resemblance with her.

In fact, Alia and Celesti both have dimpled cheeks. Looks like God has created them with utmost love. If you scroll through Celesti's Instagram handle, you will see so many pictures of her that look like a replica of Alia. On the work front, Celesti has made her television debut with the show, Udti Ka Naam Rajjo.

#2. Jacqueline Fernandes

Left to right: Jacqueline Fernandes and Amanda Cerny!

The Chittiyan Kalaiyan, superstar, Jacqueline Fernandes, who is known for her witty personality and jaw-dropping looks, also has a lookalike. In fact, she had even met her. Yes, meet YouTuber, Amanda Cerny, who looks exactly like Jacqueline. In fact, the two ladies even share the same expression.

Jacqueline had made a lot of buzz on the internet when she met her doppelganger. She has even Vlogged their meeting, leaving their fans in awe. From posing the same way to pouting, there is a lot of similarity between the two. Also, Jacqueline had a blast meeting her lookalike from America.

#3. Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

Left to Right: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Sneha Ullal!

Former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is loved by all. She is the blue-eyed girl, and it is a compliment for girls to be called 'just like Aiswarya Rai'. However, imagine the state of mind of those, who share an uncanny resemblance with the most gorgeous lady in the world. Well, there are a few! Remember Sneha Ullal, who made her debut with Salman Khan's film, Lucky in 2005. 

Left to right: Aishwarya Rai Bachchan, and Aashita Singh!

Not just Sneha Ullal, there is an Instagram user, Aashita Singh that looks a lot like Aishwarya. Her Instagram posts are filled with comments about how much she looks like Aishwarya. If you will scroll through Aashita's Instagram handle, you will see countless Reels of her that will leave you wondering.

#4. Suhana Khan

Left to right: Suhana Khan and Bareeha!

It is said that meeting your doppelganger in one lifetime is an impossible dream, but another celebrity, who met her lookalike, in reality, is Suhana Khan. Yes, Shah Rukh Khan's not-so-anymore little princess had met her doppelganger, and they had a great time. Meet Suhana Khan's lookalike, Bareeha, who is a Pakistani influencer.

The netizens had gone berserk when they saw Suhana Khan posing with her doppelganger, Bareeha in Dubai. Coincidently, the two gorgeous girls were vacationing in Dubai, and bumped into each other. The best part, they posed for a cute selfie. 

#5. Anushka Sharma

Left to right: Anushka Sharma to Julia Michaels!

Bollywood actress, Anushka Sharma has also found her doppelganger in the American singer, Julia Michaels. They look pretty much similar, except for the hair colour. Both the divas have the same eyes, nose and face structure. Fans were super excited when they had. found out about Anushka's lookalike.

In 2019, Anushka was super thrilled when she stumbled upon her lookalike. She had taken to her Twitter handle and had expressed joy with a tweet. She had written, "OMG, Yes! I've been looking for you and the remaining five of our doppelgangers all my life." 

#6. Gauahar Khan 

Left to right: Gauahar Khan and Sukhneet Wadhwa Gujral!

Indian actress, and Bigg Boss 7 winner, Gauahar Khan is loved by the entire nation. We still remember the craze everyone had when Gauahar participated in the reality show. Almost the entire nation stood with her. The gorgeousness also has her doppelganger, and she is none other than the famous fashion blogger, Sukhneet Wadhwa Gujral, who runs her blog, Ms Coco Queen.

The gorgeous ladies share a lot of commonalities. From having same face cut to hair and smile, it seems like they are sisters from another mother. We also love the fact that they both are exceptionally fashionable.

#7. Deepika Padukone

Left to right: Deepika Padukone and Rijuta Ghosh Deb!

The netizens have even found the famous Bollywood diva, Deepika Padukone's doppelganger. Meet Kolkata-based digital creator, Rijuta Ghosh Deb, who bears an uncanny resemblance with the gorgeous actress. When we scrolled through her IG feed, we got confused if we are checking Deepika's IG handle.

Both the divas have the same round face, eyes and Oh-Em-Gee expressions too. Rijuta also loves posing like the Padmavat actress.

We love these Bollywood celebrities and their doppelgangers who share so much in common! Who was your favourite?

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