7 Relationship Problems Faced By Almost Every Couple Who Marry At A Young Age


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7 Relationship Problems Faced By Almost Every Couple Who Marry At A Young Age

Many of us might get fascinated with the idea of marrying the person we love as early as possible, so that we can have more time to spend with each other. Although it is quite an appealing deal to get married to the person you love, but marrying young may also bring with itself a set problems and difficulties.

Couples who are very young might face problems due to the lack of maturity to deal with tough situations. Maturity, which comes with age and experience, is very important for a healthy relationship. So, here are some of the major problems that the couples face who marry young.

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#1. Matters concerning money


Money matters can strain the strongest of bonds, irrespective of the age of the relationship. As it is the stage of life when people usually get their careers started, chances of the financial condition of young couples being not so good are therefore, quite high. They have to spend on paying off house rents, bills and other major and minor household expenses.

In addition, this is the age when people rarely think of savings, and tend to spend more on things like travelling, shopping, dining out etc. Well, with more needs and less money at their disposal, the probability of fights to occur between the couples get higher as compared to the ones, who are financially settled through a fair amount of work experience.

#2. Communication issues


‘Spending more time with each other’- the reason that probably prompts most young couples to marry early, might not be there anymore after the marriage. When young couples come across the responsibilities of their lives, they tend to work harder to fulfil them. Busy routines with work, hectic travelling schedules, pressure of achieving targets and goals, etc., might not really leave any time for any kind of communication by the end of the day.

This can also lead to problems in their sex life as either of the partners might always be tired and not up for it. Furthermore, stress and fatigue can lead to irritated attitudes, which can spark unpleasant conversations that further lead to arguments.

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#3. Feeling restricted

Couple fighting

This can be majorly an issue with those couples who have separate friend circles, or even where either of the partners is a social butterfly and the other one is totally opposite. At young age, most of the people wish to party hard every day with the friends. However, if marriage creates restrictions in a person's social life and that too at an early stage of the life, then there are possibilities of tensions to occur between the couple.

#4. Problems with the in-laws

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Young people are usually quite impulsive. They like to live life on their own terms and do not like to be guided or advised by others on matters relating to their life. On the other hand, parents always advice on how to save your money after getting married, on leading a more sorted life, on prioritising life goals, etc. This is yet another problem that can upset the young couples, especially when either of the partners is given a piece of advice by his/her spouse’s parents.

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#5. Parenting issues


Sometimes, even the decisions pertaining to having children may also become the cause of conflict among young couples. In cases where either of the partners wants to have kids whereas the other one is not ready, can create stress in the relationship. The priority of couples, who become parents at very early stage of their life, might shift to the kids, which can create distances between the two partners.

#6. Taking responsibilities

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When you marry at a young age, most of the time, you aren’t that responsible towards home and the spouse. As you are not ready for all the responsibilities, it often leads to fights and tension between the couple. This mostly happens when both are working and less on time. This leads to clashes that why should a woman handle both office work and home single-handedly. The best way to solve this problem is to share responsibilities and dividing your area of work.

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#7. Giving time to each other

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Some couples are so much in love that they can’t wait to spend the rest of their lives together. Such couples tie the knot maybe too early and end up fighting every other day over the issue of ‘time’. As you start living together, you often take your partner for granted and get too busy with your individual live which includes your professional commitments and your friends. There are many young married couple who face this problem. The best way to solve this problem is to prioritize things in your life. You can also plan impromptu trips to nearby places on weekend to spend quality time with each other.  

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Being in love and the feeling of not being able to live without each other is a great thing that can happen to those who are in relationship. But, if you decide to tie the knot at an early stage of your life, just ensure that both of you have matured in the relationship and are all set to tackle these troublemakers.

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