Dear Bestie, Since You're Going To Be A Mom Soon, Here're Common Pregnancy Facts You Should Know


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Dear Bestie, Since You're Going To Be A Mom Soon, Here're Common Pregnancy Facts You Should Know

The period between the exuberant joy of knowing that you are pregnant to the moment you give birth to another life, is the most beautiful phase for any woman. But it can be a challenging time as well. Your body goes through a number of changes, which also affect your daily routine.

Swelling, mood swings, morning sickness are some things that can disrupt your routine and make you feel uncomfortable. Although we cannot really make your discomfort vanish, here are some facts that you must know to make the journey a little less alarming or difficult. 

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#1. You may not gain weight immediately

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Many would-be mothers worry about the fact that they are taking considerably more time to round up than they envisioned. But, that is no reason to worry. It is after the completion of 15 weeks that most women might start to gain weight, and even show a tiny hint of a bump.

#2. You might start snoring

pregnancy facts

You may suddenly start snoring, which can be quite a shock for your partner, especially if you have been a sound sleeper before. Pregnancy hormones soften and swell up the nasal membranes, therefore open up to the possibility of snoring. Get your husband used to it and shed embarrassments if any.

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#3. Your bra might need a change

pregnancy facts

You must be careful while selecting your bras now that you are pregnant. Wear comfortably fitting (not too tight) bras. Avoid underwires as they can obstruct the blood flow to the breasts and hamper the development of the milk duct system. Change your bra twice-a-day and skip the bras every alternate night while sleeping.

#4. Your tummy might itch

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Your tummy is most likely to get itchy due to stretching of the skin membranes. Sometimes the itchiness can go to the arms and feet as well. But if it starts getting uncontrollable, do not delay in consulting your doctor.

#5. Your shoe size might go up

pregnant woman swollen feet

As your fluid intake goes up reasonably, and you experience swelling of your feet, your shoe size is expected to go up. Remember that comfort is very important, and do not hesitate to change your footwear.

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#6. There might be fluid discharges

pregnancy facts

One of the inevitable routines of pregnancy is the involuntary body fluid discharge. This can include a runny nose, excessive sweating or vaginal discharge due to the membrane softening around your cervix. All these are very natural and nothing to be worried or ashamed about. However, in case you notice anything unusual, it is best to consult your gynaecologist.

#7. You might experience sexual urges

pregnancy facts

Hormonal oscillations have a toll on your sexual desires. You might feel sexually aroused even at the lightest of caresses. But again, that is nothing to worry about. Feel free to indulge in notorious activities if you crave for some.

Once you know what to expect, there is hardly any need to panic or worry. All you need to do is be regular with your gynaecologist check-ups, and enjoy this special period of your life.

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