7 Things That Cross A Jethani's Mind When Her Devrani Is About To Come Into The House


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7 Things That Cross A Jethani's Mind When Her Devrani Is About To Come Into The House

The excitement of a devar getting married gets to the head of a bhabhi. From dusk to dawn, she works hard to make sure that his wedding is a memorable one. As much as she anxiously awaits the arrival of her new sister-in-law, a potpourri of emotions gives her butterflies in the stomach.

If you are a soon-to-be jethani, we are sure that you will identify with these emotions very well.

#1. She is the 'new thing'

Image Courtesy: Sex And The City 2

Image Courtesy: Sex And The City 2

It is the basic human nature to run after anything that is new and unknown. As of now, it is the devrani for whom everybody is excited. It is natural that the entire family would be running circles around her, at least for a while. Since she will be the 'new thing', only she will get all the attention. 

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#2. Here comes my gossip buddy

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy 

Well, let her enjoy the fame. After all of this gets over, I will have my new gossip partner. It would be fun to have someone near to you with whom you can share your emotions and talk about anything without being apprehensive. Ah! We will gossip about our relatives over a cup of tea.

#3. Somebody with whom I can share the responsibilities

Gif via Tumblr
Gif via Tumblr

With the devrani coming to the house, I will not only have someone to share my emotions with but someone who will share my responsibilities as well. Taking care of the entire family together would be an experience in itself.

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#4. She will listen to me

Image / Bajirao Mastani

Image Courtesy: Bajirao Mastani

No matter even if everybody is going gaga over her, she will be staying with me under the same roof. As the jethani, I will be her guide. I will introduce her to the ways of this household. I will tell her all that she needs to know. 

Well, I might have some fun of my own while doing this!

#5. Will she listen to me?

Gif via Giphy

Gif via Giphy 

Although I am sure that she will be coming to me for some pointers but what if she turns out to be a brat? One cannot be certain about the other person's nature until and unless they have lived in the same house. What if she was actually trained by one of the vamps of the telly world!?!

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#6. I hope she doesn't try to take my place

Image / Colors TV

Image Courtesy: Colors TV 

Whether she listens to me or not or has the kind of respect for me as I want; I hope that she doesn't try to take my place. I have been here longer and I love how my family regards me. She should make her own place rather than competing with me for mine.

#7. Oh! Whatever! It will be fun

Gif via Tumblr

Gif via Tumblr

Maybe I am thinking too much. Yes, at times we will fight but having a sister-in-law would be fun. We will shop together, share our feelings and completing the chores would become easier. I will have a new partner. Yay!

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The relationship of a devrani and a jethani is a bittersweet one. They might fight at times but none can work without the other. Well, we hope that you have a beautiful relationship with your new little sister.

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