9 New Age Dating Rules For The Modern Relationships Of Today


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9 New Age Dating Rules For The Modern Relationships Of Today

Since ages, we are following the thumb rule that a good relationship does not need any promises, terms and conditions; just the two people who can trust and understand each other. But new technology and social norms have changed the way relationships work today. Many people find love tricky and confusing, while others find it just a mirage. Like everything else, new age relationships are also based on some new love rules. Follow these rules and we assure you that your relationship will blossom forever.

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#1. Love your partner and the same will come back

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Love your partner unconditionally even if it is difficult for you not to be selfish. Falling in love is easy and effortless, but staying and holding on to the relationship is hard. The best thing for making your relationship strong is to give unconditional love to your partner and the same will come back to you.

#2. Equal space to each other

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Try to respect each other’s privacy and give equal space. However, there is no need to behave like conjoined twins. Everybody needs some time and space for themselves. Even the closest relationships need some alone time to miss one another. So, always try to think from each other’s perspective.

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#3. Do not share everything

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In your relationship, you might feel that he is your prince charming or she is your soulmate, and you both will be together forever. But be cautious, everything we plan does not happen the same way we think. So, remember over-sharing in relationship may create a problem in future.

#4. Never forget your friends

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Remember, friends are a crucial part of your life. So, do not forget them. The moment you enter in a relationship, you are more focused on your love life and start ignoring your friends and losing them. Say complete no no to this.

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#5. Do not tattle about each other

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Remember, it is just the two of you who are in relationship. So, always keep the third person away from it. If there is some problem between you and your partner, try to sort it out among yourself, third party involvement is not required at all.

#6. Do not plan much about future

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Talk about future plans when it is required and at the right time. Do not start planning at the initial stage of your relationship. Enjoy the way things are and try not to be over-serious about future plans, job, marriage, kids.

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#7. Be yourself

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Do not forget yourself. Keep your views and identity alive. Keep some time for yourself, your friends and family. Decide on one day every week when you can spend time together. Never cross the limit and always be yourself. Everybody needs to change as per his/her partner. So change yourself, but not at the cost of your self-respect and dignity.

#8. Do not betray

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As they say, 'honesty is the best policy'. If you are bored with your relationship, try to spunk it up or end the same in best promising way. Be clear with your partner and tell him that you are not happy with him. Cheating is not the solution ever.

#9. My way is not the only way

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This attitude has no place in a relationship. Each one of you is an individual personality. If partners try to overpower each other, it creates instability in a romantic relationship.

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If you really value your relationship, follow these simple rules and treasure your relationship with love and romance.