From Ankita Bhargava To Shikha Singh, Celebrity Mommies Share How They Connect To Their Little Ones

In these difficult times when children are losing the fun of going and playing outside, celebrity mothers have taken care that their little ones engage themselves in fun learning activities.


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From Ankita Bhargava To Shikha Singh, Celebrity Mommies Share How They Connect To Their Little Ones

A mother not only carries the child in her womb for nine months but also in her heart for the rest of her life. The connection between a mother and a child is built much before the child is born, after all, it is a connection of the umbilical cord. In this pandemic, where the children are missing out on the essence of what it is to go out and play with others, keeping them engaged in various activities is imperative. Also keeping them aloof from the addiction of digital gadgets is very crucial. Celebrity mommies are making sure that their children get the best of their childhood even amidst this pandemic. It takes a lot of creativity and time to build a unique connection with the toddlers and to inculcate new learning experiences into them at the same time. 

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Whether it is Ankita Bhargava, Shikha Singh, Jankee Parekh Mehta, Chhavi Mittal, Mahhi Vij, or Sanjeeda Sheikh, these celebrity mommies, have not only proved their worth in the industry but also as amazing mothers. Each one of them is spending quality time with their little ones and trying to connect with them. These mommies have time and again proved that despite being a celebrity, you can raise your child with the same dedication that you give to your career. Here's a sneak peek into the list of celebrity mommies, who are trying every possible way to make the best of their baby's toddler years, while connecting with them at the same time. they keep on sharing their cute moments with their audiences on their social media handles. 


1. Aditi Malik sings bhajan for her son, Ekbir

Aditi Malik with Ekbir

Aditi, who used to play the role of 'Mita' in Sharaarat and had given us some major friendship goals is now a mother of a one-month-old baby boy, Ekbir. While Aditi Malik and her husband, Mohit Malik usually post pictures with their bundle of joy and show it to the world that parenting is the responsibility of both mother and the father, it was Aditi's video a few days back that had won the hearts of netizens due to its adorability. She had posted a video of her son, Ekbir, enjoying the bhajan that was being played with the background, while his mommy dearest was humming some lines from the bhajan. Along with the video, Aditi wrote, "I have always been spiritual but I think there was a natural progression even more during my pregnancy. And I can see Ekbir taking so well to all the songs, bhajans, music and everything I listened to as I can see him relate to it. From his playtime to his lullabys, this music works wonders for him. I would always hear everyone tell me when I was pregnant that Ekbir could feel and hear what I could but I actually see it now and it just feels so beautiful, like we have had a connect even before he had one with anyone else in this world, one of mother and child!"

2. From popsicle art to matching colours of the same object, Ankita Bhargava is engaging her daughter, Mehr in various fun activities

Ankita Bhargava with Mehr

Ankita Bhargava's IG handle depicts how she is keeping her daughter, Mehr engaged in various activities and the tips that she provides along with her videos are life-lessons for all the mothers, who have a toddler at their home, and to the would-be-mothers as well. A few days ago, Ankita had posted a video where she had portrayed how she is teaching her daughter, Mehr to distinguish between a big and a small object and also to identify objects of the same colour. 

Ankita had also posted a very meaningful message for her followers where she had expressed that this pandemic has already taken away a lot from the kids and it's better to not deprive them of the guilty pleasures that they find at home. In the video, Mehr was seen drawing on the walls with her crayons, while mommy, Ankita Bhargava was wiping them off also teaching Mehr to clean it at the same time. The actress had written, "This Pandemic Has Taken Away A Lot From Our Kids Already. Lets not take away the small and simples pleasure of life from them too! Let kids be kids! Life on the other side of this Pandemic is gonna take a while to get back to normal. So lets make life easier and happier right now!" 

Ankita was also seen engaging her daughter, Mehr in popsicle art. The actress was seen teaching Mehr the way a popsicle can be used for drawing. The caption to the video could be read as, "Popsicle Art! I feel such activities grow on children! So u gotta keep repeating and adding ur own variations each time. We started with just one food color to begin with. Cos thats what we had in the kitchen. Things/Words to teach ur lil one while they explore - Just keep talking about the activity and throw few keywords in sentences...- Cold,Cool,Ice,Thanda,Ice Cube,Water,Frozen,Ice Tray,Color Orange,Popsicle,Pai ting,Paper etc etc etc. P.S Mehr enjoyed Eating the ice cube,Touching her cheeks with it and stamping on droplets here and there! Beware and dont let them take a fall just incase."

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3. Jankee Parekh Mehta sings and narrates stories for Sufi

Jankee with sufi

Actor Nakuul Mehta's wife, Jankee Parekh Mehta's videos on her IG handle talk about the Coronavirus' impact on the world. However, Jankee is hopeful of a better world in the future and she is taking the creative route of narrating stories and singing songs for her son, Sufi. Her IG account is full of videos of various episodes of 'Tales to Sufi' and 'Songs for Sufi'. In a recent video, Jankee was singing Kho Gaye Hum Kaha for her son, Sufi. 

The tales narrated by Jankee to her son, Sufi are filled with life lessons. In one of the tales the singer narrated how Sufi would soon turn over his tummy and start crawling and eventually learn to walk. However, this process would not happen at a go. He might fall and feel some pain but he would forget it quickly and that's how he would gradually learn to walk.  

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4. Mahhi Vij teaches her daughter, Tara to be independent at an early age

Mahhi Vij with Tara

A few days back, Mahhi Vij had taken to her Instagram account to put forward the importance of teaching children at an early age. She had shared Tara's pictures and had written, "Make your kids independent, teach them to learn and fly at a young age. @tarajaymahhi at one and a half years has been eating on her own, deciding when she’s full, and learning to explore the world of food!" Jay Bhanushali and Mahhi Vij are foster parents to their house helps' kids, Rajveer and Khushi. The couple is making sure to bring up Khushi and Rajveer in the best possible way, along with their parents. The duo had welcomed their daughter, Tara on August 3, 2019.  

Tara Bhanushali

Tara Bhanushali

Tara Bhanushali

Tara Bhanushali

5. Shikha Singh tries to keep her daughter, Alayna close to nature

Shikha Singh with daughter Alayna

Earlier this year, when the lockdown restrictions had eased a bit, Shikha Singh had gone on a vacation to a secluded place. She had introduced Alayna to nature by making her feel the stream running across. Shikha Singh had posted a video where we could see the apple of her eyes, Alayna, enjoying her closeness to nature. 


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6. Chhavi Mittal keeps her kids busy by working out with them

Chhavi Mittal with her kids

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein are parents to two kids, Areeza and Arham. Mommy, Chhavi Mittal has introduced her kids to work out and staying fit at an early age. The videos are not only adorable but also inspiring for many mothers out there. The actress had posted a video in which she was working out with her kids and she had written, "Group workout session in full swing. Notice how I'm the only one without a mat. That's coz others need it more than me, hence I'm being the "bigger" person here. @arhamhussein @areezahussein"


7. Sanjeeda Shaikh keeps her daughter, Arya busy with homework

Sanjeeda Shaikh's daughter, Arya

Sanjeeda Shaikh keeps on posting adorable pictures of her daughter, Arya and we are loving the little one. A few days back, Sanjeeda posted a video where she was seen asking Arya, "A for?" The little one had replied, "Apple." When Sanjeeda had asked Arya, "B for?", Arya had replied, "Ball." and when Arya was asked "C for?", the little one had replied, "Cat". Sanjeeda had captioned the video as, "Night Homework."


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We are in complete 'aww' of these cute babies. Don't you think that their celebrity moms are inspiring us with some major parenting goals?

Images Courtesy: Aditi Malik, Ankita Bhargava, Jankee Parekh Mehta, Mahhi Vij, Shikha Singh Shah, Chhavi Mittal, Sanjeeda Shaikh
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