Abhinav Kohli Bangs Estranged Wife Shweta Tiwari's Door As She Doesn't Allow Him To Meet Son Reyansh

Shweta Tiwari's estranged husband, Abhinav Kohli streamed live from outside her house, putting some serious allegations against her.


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Abhinav Kohli Bangs Estranged Wife Shweta Tiwari's Door As She Doesn't Allow Him To Meet Son Reyansh

If a relationship does not work, the couple part ways and similarly, if a marriage hits rock bottom, the husband and wife decide to end it mutually. While some remain friends even after their separation, some wash their dirty linen in public. And when it is about a celebrity, then the fiasco turns uglier with the constant media scrutiny. Shweta Tiwari is one such actress, whose personal life has always been a roller coaster ride. From calling off an abusive marriage with ex-husband, Raja Chaudhary to the ongoing ugly war against current husband, Abhinav Kohli, Shweta has seen it all. (Also Read: Hema Malini Organises 'Hawan' On Her Daughter, Esha Deol's Birthday, The Latter Shares Pictures)

After breaking her marriage with Raja Chaudhary, Shweta had given marriage another chance and had tied the knot with actor, Abhinav Kohli on July 13, 2013. It was in 2019, when the reports of Shweta and Abhinav’s separation had emerged in the media, leaving her fans shocked. In September 2020, Shweta was tested positive for COVID 19 and had sent her son, Reyansh Kohli to his father, Abhinav as she had quarantined herself at her home. But a few days back, Abhinav had stated that Reyansh was ‘missing’ as Shweta had taken him to an ‘undisclosed location’.

Shweta Tiwari

On November 2, 2020, the ongoing war between Abhinav and Shweta took an ugly turn when Abhinav streamed live from outside Shweta’s home. In the video, he was seen banging Shweta’s door while calling out his son, Reyansh. Abhinav had posted the video on his IG handle, where he was seen constantly knocking the door while no one answered. In the video, he revealed that he met Reyansh for a few minutes and noticed that he looked scared. But when he got back to meet him again, nobody let him in. Apart from the video, he also shared a picture of the message he sent to Shweta, in which, he wrote, “I called her messaged her no response. This is what she is making me and my son go through.” He captioned his posts as “torture”.


In an interview with The Times of India, Abhinav had claimed that his son, Reyansh was ‘missing’. Revealing that Shweta Tiwari had taken Reyansh Kohli to an undisclosed location and she is not meeting him or taking his calls, Abhinav Kohli had said, “Since Sunday (October 25), my son Reyansh has been missing. I don't know where he is. He was with me for 40 days all the time. But since last Sunday, Shweta has taken my son, Reyansh to an undisclosed location without telling me. Since, Sunday I have been chasing Shweta on phone, messages and I personally went to her house also, but she is not meeting or taking my calls. In fact, she has blocked me. It has been five days, I haven't seen my boy, not heard his voice. I tried every way possible. I went to her sets as well with the expectation that maybe she is ignoring me, but at least I will get to see my son. I recorded the video also to keep a proof of our recording, but she did not tell me anything. My message was also passed to her on her sets but she didn't respond and vanished with the baby. Suddenly, he has disappeared from my life and I have become dead for him. For the last 40 days he was with me.” (Also Read: Amrita Rao's Hubby, Anmol Asks 'Baby Name Suggestions' As They Embrace Parenthood)

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Speaking of how Shweta Tiwari’s mother and her daughter, Palak Tiwari (from Shweta’s first marriage with Raja Chaudhary) had refused to take care of Reyansh Kohli when the actress was tested positive with COVID-19, Abhinav Kohli had continued, “I just can't understand. When she was tested COVID- positive she let the baby stay with me. She has a six-room house which has two sections. In one section Shweta and her two servants stayed and the other section had her daughter Palak and her mother along with another servant. They had one section proper where Palak and her naani were staying in that apartment but both of them refused to take the responsibility of Reyaansh. And that is why she had to send Reyaansh to me. When he came, the next day he ran high fever and when I spoke to his pediatrician, she straight away said that there is no need to do the COVID test. If Shweta is still breast feeding him that means he also has the symptoms. She guided me to make sure that my old mother doesn't come in contact with Reyaansh and also asked me to maintain safety. But my mother refused to let Reyaansh be alone.” (Also Read: Shah Rukh Khan Celebrates Birthday In Dubai With Family, Suhana And AbRam Pose With Cousin Alia)

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Abhinav and Shweta’s case is turning uglier. What do you think? Let us know.

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