Abhinav Kohli Questions Estranged Wife Shweta Tiwari On Stopping Him From Meeting Their Son Reyansh

After Shweta Tiwari's explosive interview, Abhinav Kohli has been hitting her back. Now, the actor has asked her why she doesn't allow him to meet their son, Reyansh!


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Abhinav Kohli Questions Estranged Wife Shweta Tiwari On Stopping Him From Meeting Their Son Reyansh

A broken marriage can disturb the life of kids! Well, Shweta Tiwari’s life is living proof of this as despite giving love two chances, she failed to find love. Shweta had married a TV actor, Abhinav Kohli, giving love another chance, however, a few years later, things had fallen apart for them. The ugly war between Shweta and Abhinav had begun when the actress had lodged a police complaint against him accusing him of domestic violence. Other than this, there were also reports that he had harassed Shweta’s daughter, Palak Tiwari by asking inappropriate questions from her. After this, a series of allegations had begun and the two had started washing their dirty linen in public.

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On and off, we find Shweta and Abhinav putting allegations on each other and in a recent explosive interview, Shweta held no bars. Shweta had talked about how her son, Reyansh Kohli knows about police at such a young age, Shweta Tiwari had said that her son is just 4 years old and he knows about police, judges and it is not just because of her as she thinks there was no other way out. For a happy life and to get out of the mess that she is in, this is only one way out, she feels. It’s been a while that Shweta and Abhinav are fighting for the sake of Reyansh, and the actor has always claimed that Shweta stops him from meeting their son. Now, Abhinav has questioned Shweta on the same.

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Now, in an interview with Zoom, Abhinav shared that he has never stopped Shweta from meeting their son, but she always refrains him. He said, “I have always said that in front of the child, even if we talk like acquaintances, just be normal. Common yaar, we go to a shop and talk to the shopkeeper or a mechanic Are we so angry with everybody that we will not talk at all? In front of the day, talk sweetly, talk nicely and let the kid make his own choice. If he wants to be with his father, let him be with his father. If he wants to be with his mother, let him be with his mother. There are a lot of things only a father can teach his son. There are a lot of things that I can only tell him about. Why would you separate? When she had got COVID-19  virus and the child was with me, I have took video, where she was in the house with the baby, I have never stopped her ever from meeting the child. Why do you (Shweta) stop me?”

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Talking about Shweta’s claims that their son, Reyansh knows about Police at such young age, Abhinav shared that it was not him because of whom their son, Reyansh is exposed to police, but it was Shweta, who always called police. He said, “Now, my question is that who has called the police? Who has called the police as a muscle power to try and dissuade me from going to that house? You see, the condition of a man in society today and internationally also, that you can be thrown out of the house and you cannot sleep with your child anymore because the lady of the house wishes so. This is very cruel. Every time, I would try and go, you (Shweta) would call the police, so how does he (Reyansh) learn about the police?  I mean, I don't know what to say.”

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Abhinav Kohli Son

When Abhinav was asked if Shweta has put any efforts to be with him for the sake of their son, Reyansh and his good, the actor straight off said, ‘No’. In his words, “No. That is what after I saw her interview yesterday, what I basically was thinking was that the important point is about the child, everything else is just secondary. Who said what, who didn't say what. Now, you have taken my name off at least domestic violence and have put some other allegation. Talk about the child. He (Abhinav) is the father, he should also meet the child. We should have an arrangement. You meet this way, I meet this way. You go to malls with him this way, I go to malls with him this way. These many days he sleeps with me, these many days he sleeps with you. What is so difficult in that? What is the big deal? When she came to the court for the first time, the honourable court asked her, isn't he the father? Does he not have the right? That is all. They are not supporting me. I will not get anything of the support.”

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Who do you think is fair in this war of words between Shweta and Abhinav?

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