Mohit Malik Starts Shopping For His Soon-To-Be-Born Baby, Mommy-To-Be, Aditi Shirwaikar Captures Him

Mohit Malik's pregnant wife, Aditi Shirwaikar Malik captures him happily shopping for their soon-to-be-born baby.


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Mohit Malik Starts Shopping For His Soon-To-Be-Born Baby, Mommy-To-Be, Aditi Shirwaikar Captures Him

Mohit Malik and his wife, Aditi Shirwaikar Malik are expecting their first child in the month of May 2021 and have started preparing themselves for their baby. While Aditi is enjoying her pregnancy phase, Mohit is busy reading about parenting and ensuring that his wife gets everything that she needs. From pampering her with love to bringing her food, talking with the baby or kissing his wife’s baby bump, Mohit has already started getting paternal feelings. As the couple is ready to bring their first child into this world, they have also started shopping for him/her. (Also Read: Pregger Kishwer Merchantt Is Worried If Her Baby Girl Will End Up Looking Like Hubby, Suyyash Rai)

Mohit and Aditi had announced their pregnancy on December 22, 2020, by posting some beautiful pictures. Mohit had captioned his post as “As I place my hand on you...I say thankyou... for choosing us! Thankyou lord for this beautiful awakening experience which we are through right now. Thankyou thankyou thankyou so happy to share this with everyone. As we grow from 2 to 3. It makes my belief even stronger that we are 1. Love #blessed #oneness #shukr #gratitude #grateful #blessed #newdawn #love.” Aditi had posted solo pictures, flaunting her baby bump and had captioned them as “God knew even before we knew that we needed you..Our souls met.. Let’s grow together... Baby Malik”, and “Waheguru.” 

Aditi Shirwaikar Malik and Mohit Malik

Aditi Shirwaikar Malik

Aditi Shirwaikar Malik

With a child comes responsibilities, or should we say, with the news of expecting a baby comes responsibilities on the expecting parents. It is important for the parents-to-be to make some space and a room for their soon-to-be-born baby and thus, it requires a lot of shopping. From clothes to bedding, diapers to cots and whatnot, the parents have to arrange it all before the birth of their child and Mohit Malik too has started working on the same. Aditi took to her IG stories and shared a picture of her husband, Mohit, holding his hand as if speaking with someone over a call using speaker, with a notebook open right in front of him which vaguely shows a list. Sharing the picture of Mohit, Aditi wrote, “Baby shopping in full swing by baby baba” atop it.

Mohit Malik Starts Shopping For His Child

A few days back, Mohit Malik had taken to his IG handle and had posted an adorable video with his pregnant wife. In the video, we could see Mohit cradling his pregnant wifey, Aditi's baby bump and offering prayers in an effort to talk to their soon-to-be-born. The soon-to-be papa had captioned the video as "Our daily prayer and the most amazing part is that our little one responds to it. Wahe guru wahe guru wahe guru ! #gratitude #love #peace #calmness #thankyou #waheguru @additemalik thankyou @nishabedii for capturing it." Mohit had also shared a cute picture of Aditi, satisfying her pregnancy craving while enjoying mango. Atop the picture, Mohit had expressed his disappointment of being ignored because of the delicious fruit and had written, "And I'm ignored. All thanks to Mr. Mango." Aditi had reshared the same on her IG stories. (Recommended Read: Neha Kakkar's Hubby, Rohanpreet Singh Narrates How God Blessed Him And Gave A 'Pari' In His 'Jholi')

Aditi Malik

In an interview with the Hindustan Times, mommy-to-be, Aditi Malik had talked about her unexpected pregnancy and had said, “It was an unexpected pregnancy, as last year was a little traumatic for us. My father was unwell and we had shifted our plans of expanding our family to the coming year, as we thought my father needed me more.” The 32-year-old actress had revealed how her unexpected pregnancy had brought her close to her hubby, Mohit Malik. Talking about the same, Aditi had stated, “Our bond became extra special, too. I saw a patient side of him. I was being extremely impatient. I was being panicky. I used to get panic attacks. I saw him taking charge of things and taking care of everything.” (Don't Miss: Karan Johar Spreads 'Power Of Love' With Hiroo Johar, His Twins, Yash And Roohi Johar Steal The Show)

Mohit Malik Aditi Malik

We are eagerly waiting for the baby Malik!

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