Agastya Nanda Reveals Why He Turned To Religion While Filming For 'The Archies', 'I Did My Best...'

Agastya Nanda recently graced his sister, Navya's podcast, and engaged in conversations about men in the 21st century, particularly highlighting issues of masculinity and mental health.


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Agastya Nanda Reveals Why He Turned To Religion While Filming For 'The Archies', 'I Did My Best...'

Bollywood biggies, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bachchan’s grandson, Agastya Nanda, came into the limelight when he debuted with the film, The Archies. While the Netflix movie failed to make an impact on the audience, it surely created hype around the young star kids who acted in it. Recently, Agastya graced his sister, Navya Nanda’s podcast, What The Hell Navya! and shared his two cents on masculinity and mental health issues.

Agastya Nanda shares he was anxious when he started acting

During the interaction, Agastya reminisced about the time when he started acting. He recalled being insecure about his acting skills and doubtful if people would at all like him on the big screen. However, he overcame all such insecurities, gave his best shot, trusted God, and left everything to the supreme power. He said:

“When I started acting, doing my first film, I was like, ‘I don’t know what I’m going to do, if I’m going to do well, if people are going to like me, if they’ll think I’m bad’. There are so many things. I did my best, and I was like, ‘God, I leave it up to you’. I have to keep faith in something beyond me. Whoever you believe in, whether it’s God, or energy. If you just pass on that burden, it relieves you.”

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Agastya Nanda mentions that being religious and spiritual helped him overcome anxiety

Further in the same conversation, Agastya opened up about his anxiety. He recalled feeling all jittery and said that this generation of people is so used to getting everything instantly that people have lost faith and patience. While conversing with his sister, mother and grandmother, Agastya mentioned that being connected to God helped him overcome his anxiety. He said:

“I was a really anxious person, and I say was because I went through a really bad phase of it. I used to feel a lot of anxiety. When you’re living in a world where there’s so much going on, you do one thing that grounds you. And I think our generation is very anxious people. Because we’re so used to getting things in an instant. We’ve lost patience, and we’ve lost faith. We’ve lost faith that things will work out, or things will be okay because we’re so used to things being certain now. I know you guys laugh at me, but I became very religious and spiritual. And it came naturally. It just gives you something to believe in that’s beyond your control.”

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Agastya Nanda shares he was insecure about his skin when he was shooting for The Archies

In one of the light-hearted conversations in the episode, The Archies actor shared he suffered from eczema. Agastya recalled being very conscious of his skin colour and texture while he was shooting for Zoya Akhtar’s film. He revealed that he got the skin condition from his mother, Shweta Bachchan. The actor mentioned:

“First of all, she’s given me this eczema. Not intentionally, of course. I want to reach out to all our fellow eczema sufferers, Mom. It’s the worst thing. I would really request, please find something for eczema. It’s the worst thing, especially when you’re facing the screen. I remember looking at my cast members, and they have perfect, clean, clean, shining, glowing skin, and I get these rashes and all. So, it’s a really annoying thing.”

Agastya Nanda reveals he likes the nurturing side of women, and strongly believes in not losing this aspect

During his conversation with his sister, Navya, mother, Shweta and grandmother, Jaya, Agastya said that he had grown up amongst very strong and opinionated women, who said what they wanted to and did what their hearts desired. Continuing the conversation, Navya asked her brother if he thinks the concept of running a home has changed at present, and if men are now more involved in running a household. Adding his point of view, Agastya said that he likes the nurturing aspect of women. He said:

“I really like the nurturing aspect of a woman I think it's the most thing like it's not in a way where they're doing it as a job for you or they're working for you that nurturing aspect that the three of you have I won't get with Nana I won't get with Dad or with Mamu. I mean, right that that natural instinct is very beautiful about a woman so having all the things that are changing and growing and developing, we must not lose that.”

What do you think of the revelations made by Agastya Nanda? Let us know.

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