Akshay Kumar Reacts On Aarav Getting Trolled On Social Media, Reveals Why Nitara Refuses To Step Out

Akshay Kumar's son, Aarav Kumar was recently targeted by trolls. In a recent chat, he reacted on the same and also revealed why Nitara refuses to step out for family dinners. Checkout.


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Akshay Kumar Reacts On Aarav Getting Trolled On Social Media, Reveals Why Nitara Refuses To Step Out

As much as digitalisation is speeding up in the current scenario, so are the cons of it! And majorly, the targets are the public figures and people from the showbiz world. Social media trolls are increasing at their own pace and this isn’t going down well with many of our favourite celebrities. The reason behind the same is that not only them but even their kids are also becoming prey to it. While Ajay Devgn had already expressed his sadness on the same when Nysa became a constant target of social media trolls, now Akshay Kumar has come out in open to talk about it as Aarav was also circled in the loop sometime back.

Remember how brutally Aarav was trolled on social media in May 2019, when his hairstyle was compared to that of Radhe Mohan (Salman Khan) from Tere Naam? In case you had missed that, click HERE to checkout the complete story! Now, in a recent interview with the Hindustan Times, Akshay spoke at length about both his kids, Aarav and Nitara getting clicked by the paps. He also reacted to the trolls who had targeted Aarav on social media. (You May Like: Shloka Mehta And Akash Ambani Visit Lalbaugcha Raja; Mukesh, Anant, Abhishek And Amitabh Also Join)

Aarav and Twinkle

When Akshay was asked as to how he protects his kids and makes them immune to negativity on social media and the trolls that had previously targeted his son, the actor was quoted as saying, “I think anyone that tries to exploit kids without permission for their own gain might need to take a hard look in the mirror and ask themselves ‘would they want anyone to do this to their own children’? As for those that troll toddlers and teens, I have no words for that kind of behaviour.”

Akshay and AArav

Akshay also went on to add, “Trash talking anyone under 21 publicly should be illegal. It’s sad that such a great and powerful technology such as social media is tainted by people wanting to hurt, mock, humiliate or just insist on throwing opinions with no fear of the damage such hate can cause the youth. All we can do as parents is, we can teach our kids to be thick-skinned and pity those that have the time to hurt others. Star kids have enough pressure in life; the world doesn’t need to increase it by trolling innocent children.” (Checkout: Chhavi Mittal Asks Hubby, Mohit To Not Be Jealous Due To Something Cute, Calls Herself 'Creepy Mom')

Akshay Kumar with Nitara

Further, Akshay was also asked if he is comfortable when his kids get papped in public and their pictures go online without their consent. The Khiladi of Bollywood expressed his disappointment and stated, “It breaks my heart to hear my six-year-old daughter says she doesn’t want to come out to dinner with her family because the paparazzi will be there and she doesn’t like the flashing lights. Or Aarav not wanting to come for a movie because he just finished training and he doesn’t want to have to deal with people saying he looks tired or sweaty on Instagram and I really don’t blame them. Us as stars may have signed up for this but until our kids decide to be in any form of limelight after college years, then I don’t think they should be publicly followed or scrutinised, out of safety for them physically and mentally. Again, that’s my opinion and like I teach my kids, it’s your choice whether or not you choose to be offended by what others say.”

Akshay Kumar

In the same interaction, Akshay also revealed what keeps him going even at the age of 52. He shared, “I wish I could defy age (laughs), but I’m only human. Honestly, the secret is to just not do anything to speed up the process, live as clean as you did when you were small enough to fit in your mother’s arms, literally, if your mom wouldn’t want you to eat it/smoke it/drink it, then DON’T DO IT. I’m not going to fool everyone by saying I feel like a spring chicken; I obviously crack a little bit more than I used to, but the only way I can still do what I did in my ‘20s is because I still live, eat, work, sleep and train like I did then. Training with my son is my biggest booster these days; I’ve just finished building our new functional gym and both Aarav and I have lost a few kilos and it feels great that no amount of work or education can keep us from what we love most #Games&Gains.” (Also Read: Lata Mangeshkar Has The Most Emotional Message For Sister, Asha Bhosle On Her 86th Birthday)

Of late, in a discussion with the Mumbai Mirror, Akshay revealed that the next-gen, Aarav, has much greater access to technology and science. In the chat, he had revealed that he considers Aarav as his science teacher. Akshay Kumar was quoted as saying, "We don’t discuss, he tells me things. It’s a different learning experience. My son is like my science teacher."

Aarav and Akshay

There have been rumours buzzing around about Aarav’s Bollywood debut. Clarifying the same, Akshay had shared, "I hope he does become an actor because this industry is great. It’s a very welcoming industry and it’s given food and shelter to me and my family for years now. But I will just tell him one thing that he will have to make his own mark. I am there to guide him, help him but he has to do everything here on his own. But that’s thinking too far. He is a teenager. Let him finish his studies." (Do Check: Jay Bhanushali's Heartfelt Wish For His 'Beautiful' Wife, Mahhi Vij On Their 9th Wedding Anniversary)

As a protective father, Akshay Kumar is absolutely correct. What do you think?

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