Alia Bhatt Reveals How 'Every Night, When She And Ranbir Have A Moment' They Only Talk About Raha

Alia Bhatt shared how after the birth of Raha, whenever she gets time with Ranbir Kapoor, they only talk about their baby girl.


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Alia Bhatt Reveals How 'Every Night, When She And Ranbir Have A Moment' They Only Talk About Raha

Alia Bhatt's life has changed 360 degrees, after the birth of her daughter, Raha Kapoor. Motherhood helped her see the world in a different light. To make her daughter proud, Alia dived into the world of books and even authored her first book, which she dedicated to her little girl, Raha. In a way, the arrival of Raha changed Ranbir and Alia. Recently, Alia revealed how she is always thinking about her daughter, even when she has a moment with her husband, Ranbir.

Alia Bhatt revealed how she discusses her daughter, Raha's every moment with her husband, Ranbir

Recently, in an interaction with The Indian Express, Alia was asked what it is like to be a new mother. To this, Alia revealed that it is filled with excitement as Raha is developing into a person. She further revealed how she talks with her husband, Ranbir, whenever they have a moment of theirs, about their baby girl. She was quoted as saying: 

"Every night, whenever Ranbir and I have a moment, we are always just talking about Raha and what we felt was special during the day and discuss those moments."

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Alia Bhatt reveals Raha wakes her and Ranbir by barging into their room every morning

In another media interaction, Alia was asked about the first thing she does every morning. To which, in an instant, Alia revealed that every morning Raha barges into her room. Alia and Ranbir wake up seeing their daughter, Raha's face and get a big hug from her. She said:

"Actually, now the process is that Raha comes and wakes us up. Our first reaction is to look at her face and give her a big hug. She literally walks into our room and wakes us up."

When Alia revealed how Ranbir takes immense interest in dressing up their daughter, Raha Kapoor

Earlier, in an interview with The Indian Express, Alia was questioned about the thing that surprised her about Ranbir after he became a father. To this, Alia shared that nothing surprised her, as she always felt that he would be a wonderful father. She also talked about Ranbir and Raha's bond, which is full of fun, they enjoy being with each other and troubling one another. Alia was quoted as saying:

"Nothing surprised me. And even if it was a surprise, it's not like I didn't expect it. I always inherently felt like he'd be a wonderful father. The bond that they share is so full of fun. They have so much fun together. They're always troubling each other. They pull each other's leg. They have the funniest conversations. They make each other laugh."

Alia further revealed that the only thing that left her surprised was how specific Ranbir was when it came to dressing up their daughter, Raha. She stated that she would always ask Ranbir what Raha should wear for a specific event. Alia added that Ranbir would come and look into her wardrobe and pull out her fit for the day. She stated that she had left the job of dressing Raha on him.

What do you think about Alia's cute revelation about her princess?

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