Animal's 'Arjan Vailly' Is Based On Arjan Singh, Whose Heroics Became Guru Gobind Singh's War Cry

Here's everything you need to know about Sandeep Reddy Vanga and Ranbir Kapoor's film, 'Animal's hit-chartbuster, 'Arjan Vailly'.


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Animal's 'Arjan Vailly' Is Based On Arjan Singh, Whose Heroics Became Guru Gobind Singh's War Cry

Ranbir Kapoor's film, Animal is exactly what its director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga had told about back in 2019, after the backlash he received for his film, Kabir Singh. The director told people that he would show everyone what violence is, and there's no denying the fact that he kept his word. The film's plot, story and screenplay can be a topic of debate, but the film's theme, 'violence', is in abundance in the movie.

From Ranbir Kapoor's deadly solo fight against an army of well-armed criminals in a hotel lobby to his portrayal of a vicious villain in the post-credits scene has confirmed that this tale of violence isn't going to end with Animal, as it has more in store. Another major talking point of the film was its music, and every song served its purpose.

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However, hands-down, 'Arjan Vailly' is the song sung by Bhupinder Babbal that single-handedly turned up the entire tone of Ranbir Kapoor's Animal. However, only some are aware of the fact that it is more than just a pumping song. Thus, today, we are going to tell you everything about the song that is making waves across the country and is also one of the most popular songs of 2023, despite being released in the latter months of the year.

What is the story behind Animal’s song, 'Arjan Vailly' song sung by Bhupinder Babbal

First things first, the song, 'Arjan Vailly' is based on Dhadi-Vaar music. For the unversed, Dhadi-Vaar is a war cry that soldiers use during battles. If the Sikh legends are to be believed, Guru Gobind Singh used to sing it to pump up his soldiers in their fight against the Mughals. The war cry was the story of a Sikh warrior named Arjan Singh Nalva, who is known by the name 'Arjan Vailly' even after so many centuries. Arjan Singh was the son of Sikh Khalsa Fauj's Commander-in-chief in the 18th century, Hari Singh Nalva.

Many soldiers still use Arjan Singh Nalva's heroics during battles as a war cry

As per reports, Arjan Singh Nalva was born in Jagraon, which is near present-day Ludhiana. After his father, Hari Singh Nalva was killed in his battle against Dost Mohammad Khan of Afghanistan. As soon as his son, Arjan Singh Nalva was informed about the same, he took matters into his own hands and fought against the Mughals. The way he fought against the Mughals was so inspiring that it worked as fuel for Sikh soldiers for generations to come.

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Animal's song, 'Arjan Vailly' lyrics and meaning

The lyrics of the song, 'Arjan Vailly' explain much about the folklore about Arjan Singh Nalva more than its traces available online. For instance, the opening lines of the Punjabi song go like this, "Ho Khade Vich Dang Khadke, Othe Ho Gayi Ladayi Bhari. Arjan Vailly ne Pair Jod Ke Gandasi Maari." These lines mean that a big fight is going on in a massive crowd, and Arjan Vailly is swinging his axe with full force by joining his feet.

The Further lyrics go like this, "Takuye gandanse chaviya Kehte khadak paiyan kirpana. Oh Sana Wangu Jatt Bhirhde, Sakhi Sukh Na Disse Bhagwana. O Leero Leer Ho Jaugi, Kehnde Bachno Di Phulkari. Dharti de khoon dhooleya ve Jiveh tidhke kade jo paani." These lines mean every weapon is used in the big fight, including kirpana. The Jatts are fighting like big bulls against their opponents, showing valour and power as there's no sign of peace. The Singhs are fighting against with all their power, and only the worthy opponent will win now. The blood is flowing like the way water flows from a broken pot.

How Sandeep Reddy Vanga used 'Arjan Vailly' to tell Ranbir Kapoor's story in Animal

The way Sandeep Reddy Vanga has used this folklore in his film, Animal is quite commendable, as Arjan Singh Nalva also fought against the Mughals to take revenge for his father, Hari Singh Nalva's death. Something similar we saw in Animal as 'Vijay Singh' (Ranbir Kapoor) fought against a whole army with an axe (gandasi) after they attacked his father, 'Balbir Singh' (Anil Kapoor). It was truly a masterstroke by Sandeep Reddy Vanga to create a fusion of folk and his story.

Animal's director, Sandeep Reddy Vanga, indeed deserves a lot of praise for bringing cultural depth into his movie with such precision and detailing. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know.

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