Anjali Arora Opens Up About Her Bond With Munawar Faruqui, Reveals How Her BF, Aakash Had Reacted

In a recent media interaction, Anjali Arora talked about how her boyfriend, Aakash reacted to her bond with Munawar Faruqui inside 'Lock Upp'. Find out!


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Anjali Arora Opens Up About Her Bond With Munawar Faruqui, Reveals How Her BF, Aakash Had Reacted

With just the first season of Lock Upp, the reality show has already been trending on the list of the most controversial shows on Indian television. In the show, many telly world's actors, YouTubers, and content creators had participated and had made their mark with some shocking revelations. Bollywood's one of the most controversial actress, Kangana Ranaut had hosted it.

Popular comedian, Munawar Faruqui had won the title and the trophy of the reality show, Lock Upp. However, one of the highlights of the show was Munawar and Anjali Arora's bond. As they were growing closer, their fandom had tagged them as 'Munjali'. However, both of them are in a serious relationship with their respective partners in the outer world. And now, Anjali spoke about her boyfriend, Aakash's reaction to all of this.

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Earlier, Munawar had opened up about his girlfriend, Nazila's reaction to his bond with Anjali and had said that she is a possessive girlfriend and had got a little bit jealous of what she had seen. Now, in an interview with ETimes TV, Anjali Arora revealed how her boyfriend, Aakash had reacted to her growing bond with Munawar inside Lock Upp.

"It’s a normal thing, human nature to feel jealous. When you love someone or like someone and if that person starts bonding with someone else, you feel possessive. Bhale he Woh aap ka dost he kyu na Ho, aap thoda sa feel karne Lagte Ho. Like inside also in Lock Upp Munawar and I were such good friends that we would have problems if one of us would start giving importance or time to someone else. Agar Munawar Kisi se baat karta tha Mujhe bura lagta tha, agar main Kisi se baat karti thi he would feel bad." 


Further going into the conversation, Anjali shared that her boyfriend, Aakash is very understanding and added that he has tackled everything in a very mature way. Talking about the same, she revealed that among everything, this is the one thing about him that she respects a lot. In her words:

"Aakash and Nazila are people who belong to our lives. It is obvious of them to feel possessive. But I would say that he (Aakash) is so understanding and that is one quality which I respect a lot about him. He has handled everything in a mature way and tackled everything very nicely. Main Aakash ki bahut respect karrti hoon ke usne mujhe Iss baare mein ek sawaal tak nahi poocha."

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When Anjali Arora was asked if her bond with Munawar Faruqui faced any rough patch or whether their bond brought any changes in their respective personal lives, the actress mentioned that no after-effects were seen in their outside worlds. She said:

"No, my bond with Munawar had no after effects in the outside world. My people in the outside world know me very well and they are very understanding. They know my nature and why I must have done or said certain things. Main Kisi ke baare mein kya sochti hoon, they understand it very well. The way I was in my real life, the same way I was in the Lock Upp jail, they could relate to me very well. Mujhe Kisi ko bhi bahar aake safai dene ki zarurat nahi padi."


Munawar and Anjali's fake love angle was quite a topic for discussion during the show, Lock Upp.

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