When Anurag Kashyap Talked About His Traumatic School Life And How His Seniors Sexually Abused Him

Once in an interview, 'Gangs of Wasseypur's director, Anurag Kashyap, opened up about his traumatic schooling days and revealed how his seniors sexually abused him. Find out!


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When Anurag Kashyap Talked About His Traumatic School Life And How His Seniors Sexually Abused Him

Popular director, Anurag Kashyap was born on September 10, 1972, in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh and had never thought of becoming a filmmaker, when he explored himself as a youth. Anurag had studied Zoology at Hansraj College, Delhi University. Although he had never pursued this field, but it was during one of the college fests when he discovered his one true love, cinema. During a film festival at Delhi University, he had watched iconic director, Vittorio De Sirca's 1984 Italian film, Bicycle Thieves, and It fascinated him to the extent that he had decided to become a filmmaker that day.

For the unversed, Anurag Kashyap has delivered critically-acclaimed films like Black Friday, Gangs of Wasseypur, Gulaal, No Smoking, Dev. D, That Girl in Yellow Boots, Manmarziyaan, Mukkabaaz, and web series, Sacred Games, he is now one of the most influential filmmakers of all time.

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Anurag Kashyap

Once in an interview with the Hindustan Times, critically-acclaimed filmmaker, Anurag Kashyap opened up about his troubled childhood. From opening up about how his seniors used to do his ragging and sexually abuse him, Anurag had also admitted that his schooling days were nothing less than a trauma for him as a child. The director used to study at Scindia School, Gwalior, and he was also asked how he used to tackle the bullies in his school. Answering the same, Anurag had revealed that after getting raged so many times, he had developed certain instincts that used to help him from being spotted by the bullies. He had said:

"Sexual abuse is common in schools, especially residential ones. It's not the children's fault, it's the system that's faulty, but that I realise today. Then, I was deeply affected by it. My survival instincts were always very strong."

From hiding in the school's library to running miles in order to escape from the clutches of bullies, Anurag Kashyap had developed a rage out of his anguish. Not only this, but the director had also revealed that by the time he got admission to Delhi University, he had transformed himself completely into a fearless person. Most of the time in college, Anurag used to carry a hockey stick in his hand and formed his personalised parallel world in which he was protecting the weak people. He had stated:

"To avoid the bullies, I would go to places no one would go to. I would read. And till a student fell ill for an inter-house race and I stepped in and won, nobody knew I could run, too. That's about all my achievements in school. As a direct effect [of the abuse in school], I built muscle in college, started playing sports, and would often be seen with a hockey stick in hand. I would get out of the oppressive college cliques, and form my own parallel world, all the while protecting those who weren't strong enough."

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Time and again, in many of his interviews, we have seen Anurag Kashyap crediting his past for the success he has achieved so far in his filmmaking career. Once in a candid conversation with popular storyteller, Neelesh Misra on his show, The Slow Interview with Neelesh Misra, Anurag had talked about the kind of father he is to his daughter, Aaliyah Kashyap. The Raman Raghav director had admitted that he had just fulfilled the financial requirements of his daughter but never spent much time with his daughter. Opening up on the same, he had said:

"Mujhe nahi lagta ki main acha pita hu. Mujhe lagta hai ki main intentionally acha pita hu. Maine sab kuch provide kiya hai. Par maine samay kabhi diya he nahi hai. Vo mere andar hai ki matlab har saal chutti pe leke jata tha main ek baar. Lekin na toh maine apni beti (Aaliyah) ko samay diya, maine apne parivaar mai kisi ko samay nahi diya. Vo mujhe ab ehsaas hota hai. 26 saal se main patani kisi dhunki main chale ja raha hu. Maine samay nahi diya kisi ko bhi."

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