10 Basic Makeup Hacks Every Girl Need To Know Who Loves Makeup


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10 Basic Makeup Hacks Every Girl Need To Know Who Loves Makeup

Make-up can sometimes be a hassle, especially if you do not know what products to use or how to use them. There are certain things that you should keep in mind while applying make-up. Knowing how much to use, and what colours you want to wear is the first step in the application. Here are 10 basic make-up tips every woman should know to look her best always.

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#1. Apply eyeshadow before you put on your foundation

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

A lot of people wonder about the correct way to apply eyeshadow. Putting on an eyeshadow after foundation will only lead to problems. Flecks from the shadow can fall on your face, making it impossible to remove without wiping off some of the foundations you just applied. By applying eyeshadow first, if any falls onto your face, you can swipe it off very easily with a make-up remover.

Already applied foundation and in a dilemma? Here is a trick: Grab a piece of scotch tape and gently press it onto the area where flecks are visible. The tape will clean up any excess shadow.

#2. Do not skip the primer

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Primer is like the glue that holds your make-up together for hours at a time. It smoothes out the skin’s surface and reduces shine caused by sebum. A primer is not a moisturiser. Always moisturise the face first, wait for 10-15 minutes and then follow it up with a primer.

The following is the best way to apply a primer:

Step 1- Take a quantity of the size of a 50 paise coin.
Step 2- Rub it with your middle finger and ring finger of both hands so as to warm the product.
Step 3- Massage it all over your face for around a minute.
Step 4- Wait for five minutes and start with your regular foundation routine again.

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#3. Apply a foundation colour that is closest to your skin tone

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Some people make the mistake of purchasing a foundation with a face full of make-up, which does not help the consultant find your perfect shade. Next time you head to a make-up counter, be sure to go all natural. To attain the perfect shade, test the foundation on your jawline. This will give you the most accurate match for your skin tone. Also, apply it with a brush or a sponge and never with your fingers, as a lot of product gets wasted on your hands, and also it would be very unhygienic.

#4. Always apply a loose/pressed powder after applying liquid foundation

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

No one likes to look like a shiny mess, especially if you are attending a social event or working in an eight-hour shift. Too many women forget to apply a powder to seal their make-up. The result? A melting face that could have been prevented if you did not skip that one little step.

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#5. Get rid of mascara if three months old

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Every time you open a tube of mascara, airborne bacteria cling onto the wand. The tube also acts as a breeding ground for bacteria. Toss out mascara that has been open for three months or longer.

#6. Do not go to sleep with your make-up on EVER

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Sleeping with make-up on is bad for your skin as pores might get clogged, your skin might not be able to breathe, and you might wake up with a face full of zits the next morning. Next time you plan on spending a long night out, keep make-up remover wipes handy at your bedside.

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#7. Make your eyeshadow stand out

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

A neutral base is much needed to make the face stand out. If you want your eyeshadow to shine than its usual colour, start applying a base shadow which is without any shimmer and matches the lightest skin tone of your face. Apply it all over your face, from the lip to the brows as well. Now apply the darker shadow on your lid and blend it well. Make sure the lighter base shadow applied, blends well with this dark eyeshadow.

#8. Flaunt your fuller lips to get pouty lips

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

A fuller lip not just accentuates your face but also, it gives that perfect pouty shape to your lips. To give the effect to your lips in that way is really simple. Fill the centre of your lips with white eyeliner or a concealer. Then, outline your lips with a liner which is darker in colour than your natural lips colour. Thereafter, finish it off with a regular lip colour and tada! You can flaunt your fuller lips and click many selfies!

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#9. Enhance your look with smokey eyes 

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Celebs always become an inspiration not just for their gorgeous outfits but always with their correct make-up look. To get a celebrity like smokey eye make-up, close your eyes and line the upper lash line in a way that there is absolutely no gap between the lashes and the line. Thereafter, use your middle finger to smudge it properly. Sweep the eyeshadow not just across the lids but also, into the creases. Then, blend it well in an outward and an upward direction.Then, you are good to go with your celeb-like smokey eyes which will uplift your overall look.

#10. Have an attention-grabbing look with bold brow

Basic Tips For Makeup That Every Girl Should Know

Celebs like Deepika Padukone have been flaunting the bold brows and give that perfect looking face. It is one of the easiest ways to create an attention-grabbing look. How to get that done is not tough too.  First, comb your brows with a mascara wand or the eyebrow brush to see their structure naturally. Using the thinner side of the wax brown pencil, shape the brows. Then, take the flatter angle of the pencil and fill in the brows using small short strokes so that it gives a uniform look like your natural eyebrows. To finish the look, use a shimmery highlighter and blend below the brow bone to add that brightness and lift to the whole look.

Aren’t these tips really simple and easy to do? With these tips by your side, we are sure your make-up routine will be as flawless as ever. Try it out and let us know in the comments section below, how was your experience flaunting the easy make-up hacks?

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