Be Gorgeous Like Kangana Ranaut With Her Easy To Follow Fitness And Beauty Regime


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Be Gorgeous Like Kangana Ranaut With Her Easy To Follow Fitness And Beauty Regime

She came, she performed and she conquered. And, this ‘pahadi’ beauty is now basking in the newfound recognition of being the ‘Queen’ of Bollywood. Yes, we are talking about none other than the super-gorgeous diva, Kangana Ranaut. Not just her performance, but even her looks and style leaves a long-lasting impression on everyone. The National Award winning actress is phenomenal in every way.

This small town girl transformed from a nervous newcomer to a fashion icon in no time. So, if you too admire this girl and wish to have toned physique as well as flawless skin like her, then read on to know all about her beauty mantras here.

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Her secret diet for fab body

Being an ectomorph ( a person with a lean and delicate build), it is difficult for Kangana to gain weight, which is why, she always has this lean and super-thin figure. During the initial years of her Bollywood journey, she had to work on her body a lot to suit on-screen character’s demand. To start with, she tried getting the curves by eating all sorts of fatty foods. But, to her dismay, she got fat all around her body parts and stomach.

But, later by incorporating wholesome and highly nutritious food items in her diet plan she was able to get the much-desired curves. This hot vegetarian diva resorts to starvation and fad diets, and keeps changing her protein and carbohydrate diet with the demands of her role. Her diet regime includes:


She starts her day with porridge, and cereals.

Midday snacks

She keeps it light by consuming fruits and protein shake.


Her lunch constitutes of fresh salad, with dal and rice, boiled vegetables, and two chapattis.

Evening snacks

She prefers to chug down a brown bread.


Soup, boiled vegetables or salad.

Kangana Ranaut who was a hardcore non-vegetarian only recently turned vegetarian. To ensure that her body is hydrated throughout the day, she makes sure to drink at least 10-12 glasses of water. She prefers to eat small meals every two hours during the day. Kangana never skips meals or stuffs herself. For her, unwholesome foods such as processed foods, junk foods, oily foods and sugary foods are a big no. However, she does indulge in pizza or any other food item occasionally to avoid cravings. 

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'Easy To Follow' workout regime

Under the supervision of fitness guru, Leena Mogra, the Revolver Rani does strength training, circuit training and weight training to get a toned physique. The actress hits gym five times a week and exercises for one to two hours.

Her rigorous workout plan is as follows:

Monday: Strength training

Includes push-ups, squats, and pull-ups (10 sets, 10 reps), along with fartlek running for 20 minutes.

Tuesday: Stretching

Kickboxing for 45 minutes, followed by body stretching exercises and a 20-minute elliptical hill workout.

Wednesday: Off

She gives her body an off for the day.

Thursday: Abs and lower back

She gets back into the training mode with the mix of hurdle training and sprinting drills, which she does for 30 minutes. For abs, she exercises for 20 minutes followed by lower back workout.

Friday: Yoga

This day is dedicated to power yoga for 45 minutes, and meditation for 10 minutes.

Saturday: PHA

PHA (Peripheral Heart Action) or Turbulence training for building stamina and improving muscular endurance.

Sunday: Rest

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Beauty Mantras

Not every actress looks stunning without makeup, but this Queen of all hearts surely manages to do that effortlessly.

And, if you ever wondered, how does she manage to get that natural glow on her face, then here are the secrets:


The actress is very particular about cleansing, toning and moisturising her skin. She uses ‘Emami Boroplus moisturiser, cleanser and lotion’ for her supple skin. One rule she follows without a fail is to remove every trace of makeup before dozing off. The actress avoid getting facials, but do occasionally get clean-ups done due to her sensitive skin.  


Since the actress has to sport various hairstyle for her movies, the curly-haired star pampers her ‘tresses regularly with intensive repair treatments to prevent breakage from chemicals used for styling her hair. She also indulges in regular spa and deep conditioning treatments for healthy hair. And, to keep her mane lustrous, Kangana treats her hair with hot oil and steaming thrice a week.

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Beauty essentials

Lip balm and blusher are a must-have for her. Apart from this, the actress uses MAC on face, eyes and lips for intense makeup. For regular daytime look or less dramatic look, Kangana opts for a lighter base like 'YSL' and 'Armani' lip shades. She even loves to use shimmer products by Chanel.

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As per Kangana, “Looking good is all about having healthy hair, skin and body, no matter what size you are.” Well, looking at her, we cannot agree more. So ladies, what are you waiting for? You now know the secret behind Kangana’s stunning beauty and figure, just get going and reinvent yourself.

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