Sanjeeda Sheikh Reveals The 'Only Thing' She Uses To Get Glowing Skin In Minutes, It Isn't Expensive


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Sanjeeda Sheikh Reveals The 'Only Thing' She Uses To Get Glowing Skin In Minutes, It Isn't Expensive

It is a saying well-known that to be beautiful on the outside is not enough, one should be beautiful on the inside too! And, one of the telly world’s prettiest actresses is someone who fits this bill perfectly. A gorgeous girl, and an amazing human being- we are talking about none other than Ishq Ka Rang Safed actress, Sanjeeda Sheikh.

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Sanjeeda is one actress who will surprise you with the simplicity of her beauty and fitness regimes. She does not have any extensive routines, but she still manages to look flawless and remain fit with the simple things that she has adapted in her lifestyle. So, without making you wait any further, let us take you through the pretty lady’s beauty and fitness mantras.

Her beauty secrets

Sanjeeda has a few simple mantras she religiously follows to keep her skin glowing at all times. She was once quoted in an interview, giving away her biggest beauty secrets.

Here is what she said:

“I make sure I sleep well at night before a red carpet event because puffy eyes screw up the makeup. I avoid sun for a day so that the face doesn't look tanned in the evening. Before applying makeup, I rub an ice cube on my face so that my skin is fresh and glowing and my makeup stands out.”

Now, this is a very surprising tip, but something which is extremely easy to follow. All of us have seen Sanjeeda, and therefore we can say that the lady knows what suits her skin best, and during what time of the day.

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About this, she said:

“For the day, I make sure the makeup is very light. Kajal and a very light shade of eye shadow is okay for the day. I am blessed with good skin so I don't apply foundation, but if I have to, then I go for a waterproof one as sweating makes my face look darker. For the night, I do not mind going for strong lip colours like deep red or peach pink. Again, I don't apply base, but I love kajal and don't step out without it.”

So, now we know what the secret of her flawless make-up looks is! The actress swears by kajal (kohl) at all times. She believes that no matter what, kajal is one thing without with your look is always incomplete.

Here is what she said about the importance of kajal in everyday makeup:

“My makeup dada told me that make up is incomplete without kajal. It highlights and defines our eyes and suits every face.”

She further revealed that she always uses waterproof makeup, especially kajal, so that it doesn’t smudge and gives a defined look. She also gave a very useful quick-tip for getting an instant glow.

Here it is:

“For instantly glowing skin, I just splash rose water on my face.”

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So, this was all about her beauty secrets. Coming to her gorgeous hair, she shared a few gems as tips too. And trust us, these few pointers will help you immensely in taking care of your locks.

She revealed:

“I love my hair very much, which is why I don't like to experiment with it. I have a very simple regime. I wash my hair every alternate day and make it a point to oil my hair twice a week.”

This is it! Seriously, no expensive spas or hair packs. Her haircare routine is as simple as washing it thrice a week, and oiling it twice a week. We told you it was a gem! She also revealed her long-term hair-care tips:

“I trim my hair every six months so that I don't get split ends. I always tie my hair while sleeping to avoid breakage.”

Now that is one thing we should all take care of. When we sleep with our hair open, the friction they cause with our pillows, make them brittle and rough. This in turn causes excessive breakage of hair. So, one should always tie their hair in a loose ponytail or plat before settling in for the night.

The beauty queen revealed the three things without which her makeup and beauty regime is incomplete, and they are:

“My Mac kajal pencil, L'Oreal gloss, a lip balm and wet tissues.”

So, this was it guys! That is how simple her beauty routine is. It is surprising, but it is true. Let us now move on to her even simpler fitness regimen.

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All about fitness

The porcelain-like beauty, is not just conscious about her looks, but also being healthy and fit on the inside. She believes that fitness is not only about staying fit physically, but also being healthy mentally. In her own words, fitness is everything to her. But surprisingly, Sanjeeda, unlike almost all other actresses doesn’t go to the gym! Yes, you heard us right. Here is what she says about the same:

“I'm not at all a gym person. And, since I'm usually caught up with my shoot or various events, I don't really get time to take any extra effort to keep myself in shape. Otherwise also, I'm too lazy to hit the gym.”

So, naturally, it makes one curious to know how she is so fit and healthy without hitting the gym. Is she extremely diet conscious in that case?

Here is the answer:

“Not really! Actually I wouldn't say that I'm conscious about my food choices, but I've always had a habit of eating healthy and nutrient-rich food. Staying fit, beautiful and smart is a part of the acting profession. Therefore, being an actor, I have to be a little careful about my diet because at the end I have to look fit on-screen.”

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True that, Sanjeeda. But even if one is not a part of an industry like the entertainment fraternity, they should make all possible efforts to stay fit and in shape. A healthy mind only resides in a healthy body after all! Next, Sanjeeda had a very on-point thing to say about fitness.

She said:

“I've come across many people who have said that I have a size zero figure, but I don't agree to it. According to me, not every girl can carry a zero figure well. It depends on person-to-person and their physical attributes like height, weight, structure, appearance and eating habits. So, I don't think that having a zero figure defines fitness.”

Very true, Sanjeeda. Starving oneself and doing excessive workouts in the name of fitness is not at all done. In fact, there are a few things which the actress does in order to stay fit, and these three things are just what you need to remember.

So, here goes:

“#1. Eat healthy food.

#2. Drink lots of water daily.

#3. Think positive, as positive thinking helps to stay fit.”

We couldn’t agree more with these helpful tips, especially the last one. Usually, in our race to live a better life, we forget to live a peaceful, relaxed life. We forget that there is more to life than just work, stress, money and the likes. Staying positive, and eliminating as many negatives as we can is the biggest key to a healthy lifestyle.

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Sanjeeda is not a sports person, but if there is one thing she swears by, it is dancing to her heart’s content. Here is what she says about how her passion towards dancing helps her stay in shape:

“I enjoy dancing. It is something I'm very passionate about and it also helps to stay healthy. Dance is a good way to lose weight. It tones the body and keeps me in shape. I dance daily for almost an hour. It is a stress buster for me. I do not like cardio since I get bored but dancing is another form of cardio that works well for me. I disagree with people who say that gymming is the only way to stay fit. There are several other natural forms of exercises to be in shape.”

Sanjeeda has a simple morning routine, which she religiously follows in order to stay fit and healthy throughout her hectic day. She shared it in an interview:

"I’m an early riser. As soon as I wake up, I have coconut water, aloe vera pulp or wheat grass."

Well, now that is good! Coco water has innumerable benefits, which the damsel is well aware of and thus she has made it a part of her daily morning regime. Now, that we know about her fitness secrets, let us see what this beauty has to say about her diet:

“My breakfast usually comprises cornflakes with milk or an egg white omelette with multigrain bread and a handful of dry fruits, which are soaked overnight. Lunch consists of dal, roti, sabzi and rice. Dinner is usually non-vegetarian. In between if I feel hungry, especially in the evenings, I munch on health bars. I also have at least two cups of green tea.”

If everyone takes inspiration from Sanjeeda and starts following this nutrient-rich diet-plan, they will never need to spend hours at the gym. All it takes, is a little exercise and good food. In the end, the diva has a very strong message to give to everybody.

She said:

“I would suggest everyone to eat healthy food and drink lots of water. I believe starving and dieting doesn't help to stay fit. Instead, I would suggest that everyone should have a healthy appetite followed by some physical activity to maintain equilibrium.”

Now, we know all the secrets behind Sanjeeda Sheikh’s beautiful skin and fit body. The simple routines that she follows are more than enough to stay fit and look beautiful always. You are an inspiration, Sanjeeda- an inspiration for everyone to stay fit in the most natural ways possible.

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