10 Benefits Of 'Makhane' Which Makes It A Healthy And Light Snack Option For All


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10 Benefits Of 'Makhane' Which Makes It A Healthy And Light Snack Option For All

Fox nuts, commonly known as makhane, is a humble yet delicious snack which is found in almost every Indian household. This light snack is actually lotus stem seed. It is a highly nutritious and versatile food. You can eat it raw or you can make a crunchy snack with it. The nuttiness and the creaminess of this seed make it everyone's favourite.

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Other than being a delicious addition to the tea time, fox nut has a lot of health benefits. It is considered superior to various dry fruits like almonds and cashew nuts. Though it is a seed, it is highly beneficial for people of all the ages. Here are a few benefits of makhane:

#1. Anti-ageing

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are rich in fibre and antioxidants which help your body in self-cleansing. With the removal of free radicals and harmful oxidants, you can bid adieu to premature ageing. Fox nuts are rich in natural flavonoids called kaempferol which can reverse the ageing process. It works like an iron on the wrinkles.

#2. Flush it

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are rich in fibre which helps in correcting the bowel movements. Fibre is good for the proper functioning of the bowel and these nuts provide you just that. If you suffer from constipation, eat makhane daily and flushing it out won't be a problem.

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#3. Lose it with makhane

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are low in calories but exceptionally high in fibre and nutrients. They will keep you full for a longer time without adding your calorie count. These seeds are absolutely gluten and fat-free. Fibres are good for anyone who wants to lose weight and the fibre in fox nut are not joined by fats.

#4. Make love

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Yes, fox nuts are actually foxy (wink!). Makhane are aphrodisiac which makes them a perfect date night snack. Fox nuts are also proven to treat premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

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#5. BP and diabetes woes

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are low in saturated fats and sodium but high in magnesium and potassium. Both potassium and magnesium help in maintaining blood pressure and reducing sugar levels in the blood. With a low glycemic index, it is a blessing for diabetics. People with high BP and diabetes often have restricted diet. However, they can enjoy makhane as much as they want.

#6. Fertility wonder

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Ayurveda believes that fox nuts can help you in improving fertility. Makhane improves the semen quality, making them more fertile. Makhane are hydrant in nature which helps in moisturising the internal organs. This makes the secretions better and helps in increasing the chances conceiving.

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#7. Strengthens kidneys

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Euryale ferox helps to regulate the blood flow which keeps the kidneys healthy. Fox nuts control the flow of blood which takes off the pressure from the kidneys. When kidneys function properly, your urinary system works well too.

#8. No to arthritis

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are rich in protein and calcium which is all a person suffering from arthritis needs. It strengthens the hair and bones which minimises the changes of fractures upon falling. It builds up bone density which relieves the patients with arthritis from the excruciating pain.

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#9. Better heart

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

Fox nuts are good for your heart too as they release glucosides in your body. Makhane can also help you to deal with high cholesterol. These seeds are low in mono-unsaturated fats which help in the treatment of myocardial ischemic reperfusion injury.

#10. Stress and insomnia

Benefits Of Fox Nuts Or Makhane

It is hard to keep up with the stress of today's world. People often lose their sleep due to tension. If you too are suffering from stress and insomnia then, eating a handful of fox nuts before bed will help you to de-stress and sleep properly.

With so many goodness packed in the seeds of a beautiful flower, makhane surely make it to the list of the superfoods. Incorporating fox nuts into your diets will give so many health benefits.They make the best affordable snacks. So what are you thinking? Start adding it to your diet from today for a healthier you.

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