10 Best Facials For Brides To Try Before Her Wedding, From Galvanic To Bio-Lift Facial

Facials are important for skin, as it brings out the natural glow. Especially for brides, regular care followed up with facials adds on to the beauty. Here's a list of the most popular bridal facials.


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10 Best Facials For Brides To Try Before Her Wedding, From Galvanic To Bio-Lift Facial

Marriage is a commitment for a lifetime and is an extremely special time for both the groom and the bride. From month-long preparations, to last-minute touch-ups, everything is looked after in minute detailing so that nothing is missed out. Both the parties put in their best efforts to make the day a fond memory till posterity. With all the arrangements for a wedding taking topmost priority, the other essential thing to keep attention towards is the outfit and the looks for the day.

While both the bride and groom try to eliminate even the minutest of errors and look just perfect, but there is always an additional tension on the bride as she steps on to one of the biggest changes of her life by moving into a new family altogether. So, apart from her gorgeous attire and stunning accessories, she also needs to put in that extra effort to look flawless from top-to-toe. And nothing is better than trying out some really good and effective facials that add on to enhance the bridal look even more. Well, take a look at some of these effective bridal facials before the big fat wedding!

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#1. Gold facial


One of the most sought-after and highly recommended facials, a gold facial can be the ultimate saviour for all your skin worries before the wedding. It boosts the natural glow of the face and makes it healthy from within. It removes dirt and impurities from within the skin and improves better blood circulation on the face. It also helps to cure sun burns and pigmentation. And not to forget, it leaves behind a soft golden glow on the face, making it ready for the big day naturally.

#2. De-tan facial


Since the face is the maximum space exposed to the sun, it often suffers from deep skin tanning. While sunscreens are of help, they may not be able to effectively remove all the tan, especially before the wedding effectively. Therefore, release all your tensions and de-tan your face by opting for a good de-tan facial. It primarily soothes the sunburnt skin and relieves it from tanning and dark spots. Making the skin tone even, it sets the perfect base for healthy skin.

#3. Fruit facial


Nobody can ignore the vast benefits of fruits, be it for the body, skin or overall health. Having fruit in an everyday diet can indeed  heal the body from within. But a fruit facial is ideal for making that health visible on your skin. It scrubs the skin deeply and helps it get rid of dead cells and blackheads. In addition, the natural goodness of fruits helps boosts glowing skin and gives it a nourished and supple appearance.

#4. Collagen facial


Science indicates the necessity of collagen in promoting skin elasticity. Therefore, a perfect facial option suggested to the would-be brides is the collagen facial. It effectively rejuvenates the skin and makes it feel younger. It also helps to remove premature signs of ageing, like fine lines, wrinkles and dark circles.Furthermore it replenishes the skin by rebuilding and increasing its lost collagen content, thereby nourishing it thoroughly.

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#5. Galvanic facial


One of the most uncommon yet effective treatments is the galvanic facial. Sliding onto a slightly higher budget range, this facial is all the more useful for those suffering from dry and dehydrated skin issues. This facial targets to minimise the open pores and therefore helps the skin retain its usual moisture content. It also helps improve skin elasticity.

#6. Aromatherapy facial


Being luxurious during your wedding is okay, especially if you want the skin to enjoy all the pampering it deserves. A nice aromatherapy facial session right before the makeup will boost the skin with all things healthy. The aromatherapy oil used during the procedure leads to naturally glowing and moisturised skin and also helps the body and mind to relax from hectic schedules.

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#7. Organic facial


If you love everything natural and organic, then an organic facial is just right for you. Without the use of any chemical or cosmetic products, these facials utilise the power of nature and naturally occurring products to give your skin a healthy boost. Some commonly used products during an organic facial are papaya, lemon, green tea, honey, etc.

#8. Bio-lift facial

bio lift

Adding on to a basic face clean-up, a bride-to-be should opt for a bio-lift facial to enhance the clean-up results. Apart from the usual massages for relaxation and the clean-up procedures, this treatment is especially meant for dark circles and skin dullness. It tightens the skin texture and evenly tones it for a rejuvenating effect.

#9. Oxygen facial


Like the rest of the body, skin, too, needs adequate oxygen to look healthy. And so, all the would-be brides, be sure to add on a session of an oxygen facial before your wedding. Using equipments that promote good oxygen circulation on the skin, this facial makes the skin look softer and clearer naturally. Being an extremely gentle procedure, it does not harm the skin.

#10. Chemical peel facial

face peel

A good exfoliation is necessary for the skin, as it helps to get rid of dead cells and bring out the natural complexion and glow of the skin. However, while cosmetic products and scrubs help to exfoliate it to a certain extent, a chemical peel facial is the only treatment you require to keep your skin exfoliated for a long time till your wedding. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, as well as treats hyper-pigmentation. It also boosts the skin with a lot of antioxidants.

Well, all you would-be brides, let us know which one of these facials are you looking up to for your most awaited day?

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