23 Medicinal Benefits Of Betel Leaf (Paan Ka Patta), Cure To Most Common Health Problem


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23 Medicinal Benefits Of Betel Leaf (Paan Ka Patta), Cure To Most Common Health Problem

Do you get blank in the middle of something sometimes? Or you often suffer major headaches and just want to lie down? Well, all these problems along with many other of your medical conditions can easily be resolved with just one magical ingredient. Any guesses what it is? It’s nothing other than betel leaf or what we say paan ka patta.

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From medicinal benefits, antioxidant, aphrodisiac, to a mouth freshener, the benefits of the betel leaf are fully power-packed. Wondering what are the astounding health benefits of betel leaf and why we should use them? Let’s take a look at why we must use betel leaf on a daily basis.

#1. Mouth/breath freshener

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaf oil helps in preventing tooth decay and also keeps our teeth and gums healthy. Not just this, the oil produced from betel leaf also keeps our breath fresh, prevents bad breath, stops oral bleeding and helps in maintaining oral hygiene. Just mix a few drops of betel leaf oil with one cup of warm water and gargle every morning and night. You’ll see the difference right after the first use.

#2. Nosebleed

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaf also helps in preventing or curing sunstroke. Many kids complain of a bleeding nose while playing in the sunlight during summers. You can roll a betel leaf and insert in into the nose of the child, making them lie down. The bleeding will soon stop as betel leaf contains properties which help in clotting and preventing unnecessary blood flow.

#3. No more ear pain

Betel Leaf Benefits

Another major benefit of betel leaf is that it stops earaches. By mixing a few drops of either betel leaf juice or its oil into coconut oil and dropping it into your ear will help eradicate out the pain quickly.

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#4. Antiseptic

Betel Leaf Benefits

Just like many of our home ingredients, betel leaf too contains antiseptic properties. The betel leaf oil contains a phenol which is called chavicol, which can be used for treating patients who suffer from arthritis.

#5. Works as a deodorant

Betel Leaf Benefits

Now, this may come as a surprise to many but adding a few drops of betel leaf juice or oil in your bath will give you a fresh feeling throughout the day. It also prevents the body from perspiring too much and thus prevents any kind of sweaty smell. Drinking a concoction of betel leaves soaked in boiled water with few spoons of sugar, not only does it has antiseptic properties but will also help in reducing menstruation smell.

#6. Helps ease out urination

Betel Leaf Benefits

One of the most helpful attributes of betel leaf is that it helps ease out the flow of urine in patients who suffer from kidney ailments. It also helps in the prevention of water retention in the body. Drinking milk mixed with the juice of crushed, fresh betel leaf helps in these aspects.

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#7. Vaginal Hygiene

Betel Leaf Benefits

One of the most popular uses of betel leaf in many countries around the world is genital shrinkage. Fresh betel leaves help in genital shrinkage post giving birth. Boil the leaves, add them to your water bath to prevent vaginal itching or discharge.

#8. Good for skin

Betel Leaf Benefits

Now we all tend to spend a major amount of our salaries on creams and toners which can give us a better skin and prevent acne and pimples. However, very few of us know that the antimicrobial properties of betel leaves helps in giving us a pimple- acne free, smooth skin. It prevents/cures skin allergies, rashes due to dry skin, dark spots, in removing sunburns. Mixing freshly crushed juice of betel leaves with turmeric and then applying it on the face helps in removing all the above-mentioned problems. Use it for a few days and you’ll see the difference.

#9. Ease out headaches

Betel Leaf Benefits

Another important property of betel leaf is its cooling property. You can place fresh betel leaves on your forehead or use betel leaf oil to ease out your headaches.

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#10. Antifungal

Betel Leaf Benefits

Apply betel leaf juice or oil on those body parts which have been or have a tendency of being infected by the fungal infection. Its antifungal property will help in treating the infection.

#11. Alertness

Betel Leaf Benefits

If you have been feeling lethargic lately, have some juice of the betel leaf mixed with a dash of honey. Not only will it energize you but its regular consumption in the good mental functioning.

#12. Healing property

Betel Leaf Benefits

Due to its healing properties, betel leaves are used extensively in many parts of the world over injuries. Squeeze out the juice of betel leaves and apply it over the injury, place the freshly plucked betel leaf on top of it and cover it with a bandage. The injury/wound will heal much faster.

#13. Respiratory problems

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaves also play a major role in treating chest congestion, asthma and beating respiratory problems. Warm the leaf, apply mustard oil on it and place it on your chest to help during asthma attack or congestion. Boiling fresh betel leaves with cardamom, cinnamon and reduce it to the thickest amount possible, and have this concoction to get relief from congestions and respiratory problems.

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#14. Treats the cough

Betel Leaf Benefits

Another medicinal benefit of betel leaves is that due to its antibiotic properties, it helps in treating cough. Boil betel leaves, add cinnamon and cardamom to it, boil it and reduce it as much as possible. Having this concoction will help in treating cough and cold.

#15. Relieves muscular cramps

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaves help in giving relief to people suffering from sciatica or lumbago. Massaging the lower area of the body with betel leaf juice/oil mixed with coconut oil helps in easing the pain. It also helps in releasing muscular cramps.

#16. Pain reliever

Betel Leaf Benefits

Due to its analgesic properties, paan patta, helps in relieving pain. Applying the paste of the leaves on wounded/injured area helps in relieving the pain. It heals wounds, cuts, scratches etc.

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#17. Boosts digestion

Betel Leaf Benefits

You must have seen people eating paan after a gathering, wedding or any such social occasions. The reason behind this is mainly the gastroprotective and anti-flatulence properties of betel leaf. Massaging an upset stomach with betel leaf oil helps in releasing carminative acids inside the body which helps in digestion. You can mix betel leaf juice with pepper and give it to children to boost their digestion.

#18. Constipation saviour

Betel Leaf Benefits

Another huge benefit of betel leaf is its antioxidant property. Its direct consumption helps in removal of free radicals from the body and also helps in achieving PH balance in the body. You can also mix betel leaf juice with and boil it with water. Then, store it overnight and have it the next morning. This too will help ease out constipation.

#19. Hard stool problem

Betel Leaf Benefits

If your kid has been suffering from hard stool problem and dreads going to the loo, betel leaf can provide great relief. Make a suppository using betel leaf and pour a little bit of castor oil into the rectum of the child.

#20. Boosts metabolism

Betel Leaf Benefits

Consumption of betel leaves helps in boosting metabolism. It regulates blood circulation and triggers the body to absorb as many minerals, vitamins, proteins from the food as much as possible.

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#21. Bye bye gastric pain

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaves help in maintaining and stabilising the PH levels in the body. By keeping the duodenum free of indigested toxins and food particles, it helps in eradicating acidity which often leads to severe gastric pains.

#22. Promotes hunger

Betel Leaf Benefits

Unstabilised PH levels in the stomach give you a feeling of flatulence and stomach bloating. Betel leaves help in removing toxins, achieving PH level and thus boosts hunger too.

#23. Remedy for bronchitis

Betel Leaf Benefits

Betel leaf helps in the treatment of bronchitis too. It reduces inflammation in the respiratory tract thus preventing congestion.

So now that you know a lot of medicinal benefits, betel leaves come up with. There is no reason why you should not start using it in your daily life. Right?

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