Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya's Mom Reveals She Was 'Shocked' To See Her Son Proposing Disha Parmar

'Bigg Boss 14' participant, Rahul Vaidya's mother reacted to her son's proposal to Disha Parmar on the show in front of everyone. Find out!


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Bigg Boss 14: Rahul Vaidya's Mom Reveals She Was 'Shocked' To See Her Son Proposing Disha Parmar

The popular reality show, Bigg Boss 14's contestant, Rahul Vaidya was earlier rumoured to be dating legendary Bollywood singer, Alka Yagnik's daughter, Syesha Kapoor. But soon the singer had denied the rumours and had said that she was only his close friend and nothing more than that. On December 12, 2018, Syesha had got married to her longtime beau, Amit Desai. Now, Rahul Vaidya's personal life is again in headlines after he had proposed his not-so-rumoured anymore ladylove, Disha Parmar in one of the recent episodes of the show. (Recommended Read: Suresh Raina Shares 'Awwdorable' Photo With His Baby Boy, Rio Raina From His First Overseas Holiday)

Rahul Vaidya's marriage proposal on national television has delighted his fans across the country and even his mother, Geeta Vaidya too. The delighted mother has talked about it in her recent interview and revealed the emotions she had felt when she had seen her son proposing to his ladylove, Disha Parmar on national television. Scroll down to know it!

In an interview with Pinkvilla, Bigg Bos 14's contestant, Rahul Vaidya's mother, Geeta Vaidya revealed her reaction, when she had witnessed her son proposing his ladylove, Disha Parmar on national television. The doting mother told that it was quite shocking for her to see her son proposing Disha Parmar in front of the whole nation because she thought they were just friends. She said, "I was very shocked myself. All of a sudden, he proposed. Actually, Disha had visited our house during the Ganapati festivities which we had held last year. She had come along with Rahul's other friends. She is beautiful, and I like her, but Rahul never told me that there is something more. I thought like his other friends, she also came."

Going further in the same interview, Geeta ji also stated that she thinks Bigg Boss has played a crucial role in igniting some sparks between her son and Disha Parmar. She said, "I think after going inside the BB house, he must have realised something about this relationship, and he went ahead with proposing her." When the mother was asked whether she will accept their relationship or not? Geeta ji stated that although she likes Disha a lot, she still wants to talk to her son, once he's out of the Bigg Boss house. She added, "I will be okay with the relationship, but I would still want to talk to Rahul once he is back. I like Disha." (Don't Miss: Samisha Shetty Kundra Twinned With Shilpa Shetty Kundra On Her Annaprashan, Star Mommy Gave Glimpse)

It was Disha's birthday on November 10, 2020, when her alleged boyfriend, Rahul Vaidya, had asked her to marry him on national television. Addressing Disha in the Bigg Boss house and wearing a T-shirt with 'HBD Disha' and "Marry me" written over it with a lipstick, Rahul had said, "Today is a very a special day for me. There's a girl in my life and that that girl's name is Disha Parmar. God! I have never been so nervous. I don't know why it took me so much time to ask you – Will you marry me?" Rahul had then turned around, we could see 'Will you marry me' written on the back of his t-shirt with lipstick as he had added, "I will wait for the answer." He had mentioned that he had known her for two years and had said, "I think you are the most beautiful girl in the world." Take a look: (Also Read: Twinkle Khanna Dedicatedly Combing Daughter, Nitara's Immaculately-Groomed Hair Is A Sight To Behold)

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