Bollywood Actresses Who Became 'The Other Woman' In Someone Else's Happy Married Life

Bollywood is also unfortunately named as the place for some of the most scandalous love affairs. Check out some of the actresses who were tagged as the other woman in someone's married life!


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Bollywood Actresses Who Became 'The Other Woman' In Someone Else's Happy Married Life

B-Town actresses are identified worldwide for their accentuating outfits, bountiful grace and ethereal looks. Their presence on the silver screen arouses beauty and expressions, significantly enhancing a film's success. However, despite such a glorious professional career, many actresses get untowardly tainted in their personal lives. Their choices for the man in their lives often fetched them the labels of being the ‘other woman’ in the life of a happily married couple. Check out some of these actresses in Bollywood with their unfortunate fate in love.

#1. Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan's extra-marital relationship


Bollywood’s glamour queen, Rekha has made a name for herself despite her struggling childhood. However, even after commanding a strong acting career with admirers worldwide, she has been unfortunate regarding her love life. The actress in the early 80s decade of Bollywood had been at the mouth of frivolous gossip columns discussing her love affair with an already married man and B-Town’s superstar, Amitabh Bachchan. However, with so many people tagging her as the ‘other woman’ in the happy married life of Amitabh and his wife, Jaya Bachchan, Rekha has never stopped professing her love quite fearlessly to the world, even after their relationship ended.

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#2. Smita Patil's affair with Raj Babbar and subsequent elopement to get married


Yesteryear actress, late Smita Patil had been one of her generation's most bankable actresses. However, her professional successes unfortunately got overruled by the audience with her personal life choices. She fell in love with an already married man and fellow actor, Raj Babbar, who led a happy household with his wife, Nadira Babbar. However, things turned even ugly when Smita and Raj eloped to get married, without the latter giving a divorce to his wife, Nadira. Smita and Raj's marital bliss, unfortunately, did not last long as Smita died due to childbirth complications after delivering their only son, Prateik Babbar. After her death, Raj returned to his wife, Nadira and continues to share the same household with her.

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#3. Shabana Azmi's marriage to an already-married Javed Akhtar


A prolific writer and legendary actress, Shabana Azmi surprised the nation when she announced to marry an already-married man, Javed Akhtar in 1984. People and her surrounding society immediately took disgust over such a relationship and tagged Shabana as a home breaker. It had worsened even more when Javed decided to break away from his marriage with his first wife, Honey Irani. Incidentally, thereafter, he also decided to take the wedding plunge with Shabana after abandoning his children, Farhan and Zoya, from his first marriage.

#4. Sridevi's affair with an already-married Boney Kapoor


Tollywood icon and legendary actress, late Sridevi, won innumerable hearts and an equal number of accolades for all her iconic performances throughout her career. However, it was one such choice in her personal life that had instantly turned her from a diva to the label of an ‘other woman’. Well, her affair with director, Boney Kapoor was seen as a home-breaking move by many, as they blamed Sridevi for spoiling the happy married life of Boney and his first wife, Mona Kapoor.

However, Boney and Sridevi's affair went on despite all such accusations, it turned ugly when the actress secretively got married to Boney without the latter divorcing his first wife, Mona Kapoor and leaving behind his children, Arjun and Anshula.

#5. Hema Malini eloped, changed religion to get married to Dharmendra


Bollywood’s favourite ‘Dream Girl’ quickly got the label of an ‘other woman’ when she chose to be in a relationship with an already married Dharmendra. The duo, fell in love on the sets of their films together, continued their relationship, despite Dharmendra not separating from his first wife, Prakash Kaur, in a household which also had their four children.

However, the couple did not fear any recourse and decided to take it to the next level by eloping, changing their religion and then getting married. Even today, while Dharmendra has two wives and separate households to his name, it is said that Hema Malini is not allowed to step into the other household of the Deols.

#6. Priyanka Chopra's speculated affair with Shah Rukh Khan


Global icon and a proud desi girl, Priyanka Chopra, has literally been ruling hearts worldwide. She has proven her versatility skills as she is acing the roles of an actor, philanthropist, entrepreneur, wife and a mommy with absolute perfection. However, despite such name and fortune, there was once a time in her career when she was labelled as the ‘other woman’ to the happy married life of her co-actor, Shah Rukh Khan and his wife, Gauri Khan.

The rumours of an extra-marital affair between SRK and Priyanka had churned out right from the day the duo worked on the film, Don. However, as their relationship continued for a few more years, Shah Rukh’s wife, Gauri, decided to intervene and threatened to divorce the superstar. Incidentally, this marked the end of their personal and professional relationship since the duo has never worked together.

#7. Kangana Ranaut's alleged relationship with Hrithik Roshan


Queen of hearts and controversy’s favourite child, Kangana Ranaut, needs no introduction. Despite her non-filmy background, the actress has made a name for herself in Bollywood. However, often more than that, her personal life has garnered a lot of attention rather than her powerful acting chops. There was a time in her career when she was speculated to be in a serious relationship with her Kites co-star, Hrithik Roshan, who was already married to his now ex-wife, Suzanne Khan. Their affair attracted the headlines quite soon, and it was rumoured that Hrithik had even considered divorcing Suzzanne to get married to Kangana.

The audience started labelling Kangana as a home-breaking ‘other woman’ in Hrithik’s married life. Ultimately, Kangana decided to move on and broke up with Hrithik soon after. But, this was certainly not the end of their controversial affair as Kangana even after her breakup had continued to stalk Hrithik and attacked him personally on many accounts. Even after Hrithik's divorce with Suzanne in 2014, Kangana has often taken to social media and public platforms where she took a nasty dig on her ex-beau.

#8. Zeenat Aman's turbulent affair with Sanjay Khan


One of the hottest actresses of her generation, Zeenat Aman, gathered a large male fan following courtesy of her stunning looks and perfectly enviable physique. The actress has been remembered to date for some of her iconic dance numbers and stunning performances. However, she was equally ill-fated for her love life, which gathered her the label of an ‘other woman’. Her relationship with an already married man, Sanjay Khan, had become one of the juiciest gossips of the decade.

Sanjay had been involved with Zeenat despite his married life with Zarine Khan. However, things turned sour when it was reported that Zeenat had already married Sanjay secretly, breaking his happy marriage with Zarine. While this was untrue, things turned topsy-turvy when Zarine and Sanjay invited Zeenat to the Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai. The invitation had ended sourly when it was reported that Sanjay Khan had physically assaulted the actress, damaging her eyesight forever.

#9. Reena Roy's relationship with an already-married Shatrughan Sinha

reena roy

Reena Roy’s love affair with yesteryear’s superstar, Shatrughan Sinha, has been one of the most widely debated gossip of the decade. Reena fell head-over-heels in love with Shatrughan, who was already married to Poonam Sinha and had been blessed their three children. As the news of such an extra-marital relationship reached the ears of the fans, they were quick to tag Reena as the ‘other woman’ responsible for breaking a peaceful married life. However, despite his affection towards Reena, Shatrughan could not make up his mind to divorce his first wife, Poonam. This decision profoundly impacted Reena’s heart, as she not only ended her relationship with Shatrughan, but also bid farewell to the glamour world at the peak of her career.

#10. Kalki Koechlin's affair with Anurag Kashyap eventually leading to marriage


One of the path-breaking actors of Bollywood, Kalki has been known for her unique choice of films and terrific acting mettle. However, she never could fathom a point in her life where her personal life would bring her to the hem of unwarranted criticism. For the unversed, Kalki’s love affair with her now ex-husband and ace filmmaker, Anurag Kashyap, started by 2009 when the latter was already married to his wife, Aarti Bajaj and the father to their daughter. However, this intrusion of another woman crumbled Anurag’s married life like a sand castle, and soon after their divorce, Anurag married Kalki in 2011. However, her fans did not appreciate this move of hers and tagged her as the 'other woman' responsible for breaking a happy marriage. 

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