Famous Villains Of Bollywood And Their Lesser-Known Gorgeous Wives, Amjad Khan To Amrish Puri

Our villains are the most heroic of all times as they are the reason why the heroes are heroes. However, the real hero behind them are their wives, who stand by them like their support system. Here are the lesser-known wives of Bollywood villains.


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Famous Villains Of Bollywood And Their Lesser-Known Gorgeous Wives, Amjad Khan To Amrish Puri

From Kitne Aadmi The to Mogambo Khush Hua, we all have grown up hearing some classic dialogues in Bollywood movies given to us by some of the most terrifying villains of all time. Bollywood has given us some beautiful songs, amazing heroes, strong heroines and many classic dialogues. There is one more thing that Bollywood has given us without whom a hero is not a hero at all. Yes, we are talking about the person in the films that supposedly becomes the reason that a hero and a heroine come closer, and because of whom, we end up getting some strong fight scenes.

Yes, we are talking about the famous villains of Bollywood. These men came and made our Bollywood heroes look glorious. While in real life, the villains of Bollywood are absolute gentlemen, in reel life, their mere presence would make the actress, actor and the audience feel uncomfortable. You know them all, and now, it's time to meet their lesser-known wives.

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#1. Danny Denzongpa

Danny Denzongpa Wife

It would be fair to say that with his aviators and perfect hairstyle, Danny Denzongpa made one fine Bollywood villain. The original 'Kancha Cheena' of Agneepath has donned the role of a villain many times. Danny had happily tied the knot with Gawa Denzongpa in 1990, and they have two kids, a son, Rinzing Denzongpa and a daughter, Pema Denzongpa.

#2. Kabir Bedi

Kabir Bedi Wife

The man, who starred alongside Roger Moore (James Bond) in the film, Octopussy is remembered for his portrayal of negative roles in the movies like Yalgaar and Kohraam. Kabir Bedi is an Indian actor with international flair. He got married thrice and is currently living a happy life with Parveen Dusanj, with whom Kabir had tied the knot in 2016. Earlier, he was married to Protima Bedi (1969-1974), and Nikki Bedi (1992-2005).

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#3. Gulshan Grover

Gulshan Grover Wife

Gulshan Grover is the original "Bad Man" of Bollywood. He played the role of a villain in many iconic Bollywood movies like Mohra, Raam Lakhan, Khiladiyon ka Khiladi and Sir. Gulshan had got married to Filomina Grover in 1998, however, the two had parted ways in 2001. Later, he tied the knot with Kashish Grover in 2001, but unfortunately, the couple got divorced in 2002.

#4. Prakash Raj

Prakash Raj wife

Prakash Raj earned a name for himself in the South Indian movies following his strong acting skills. He rose to fame in Bollywood as well by playing the role of a villain in movies like Singham, Dabbang 2, Mumbai Mirror and more. Prakash Raj got married to Lalitha Kumari in 1994, but they got divorced in 2009. Later, Prakash Raj married a choreographer, Pony Verma, in 2010.

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#5. Amjad Khan

Amjad Khan Wife

Amjad Khan became one of the most iconic Bollywood villains by portraying 'Gabbar' in Sholay. During his 20 years of Bollywood career, he had mostly played the role of a villain. He had married Shehla Khan in 1972 after being childhood lovers. They have two sons, Shadaab Khan and Seemab Khan and a daughter, Ahlam Khan.

#6. Amrish Puri

Amrish Puri wife

Amrish Puri might have played the role of a father in many Bollywood flicks, but he will always be remembered as 'Mogambo' of Mr India. Amrish Puri belonged to the cult of famous villains of Bollywood. Till the end of his time, he was married to Urmila Diveker, with whom Amrish Puri had tied the knot in 1957. Together, they have two kids, a son, Rajiv Puri, and a daughter, Namrata Puri.

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#7. Prem Chopra

Prem Chopra wife

Who can forget about Prem Chopra, the villain? With his portrayal of a fanatic villain in many movies like Teesri Manzil and Upkar, he scared us all. Prem Chopra had married Uma Chopra in 1969, and they have three children, Prerana Chopra, Rakita Chopra, and Punita Chopra.

#8. Ranjeet Bedi

 Ranjeet Wife

Ranjeet played the role of rapist villains with such conviction that we could never stop ourselves from hating this man. He is a true master of his craft and has proved the mettle of his acting with the fact that people were filled with hatred whenever he used to appear on the screen. He is happily married to Aaloka Bedi, with whom he has a daughter and a son. Aaloka's real name is Nazneen, and she is the niece of actress, Mumtaz.

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#9. Sadashiv Amrapurkar

Sadashiv Amrapurkar wife

One of the most impeccably played villains of all time is Rama Shetty from the movie, Ardh Satya. This was one of the many negative characters, which were played beautifully by Sadashiv Amrapurkar. He was married for a long time to Sunanda Karmarkar. The two had tied the knot in 1973, and their matrimony had ended with Sadashiv's death in 2014.

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#10. Mukesh Rishi

Mukesh Rishi wife

Mukesh Rishi has played the role of a villain not only in Bollywood but in South Indian movies as well. His role as 'Bulla' for the movie, Gunda still gives us all the chills. After his graduation, Mukesh went to Fiji to work, where he had met his Fijian wife, Keshni Rishi, and they have two kids, a son and a daughter.

Our Bollywood villains might act notoriously on the silver screen effortlessly, but it is the support of their wives that made them achieve so much. Their wives stood by them through the thick and thin and understood that it is just a character that they play on-screen. It was highly due to give these ladies some credit and to get them some spotlight.

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