Boney Kapoor Reveals How Rekha Played A Crucial Role For His Daughter, Khushi Kapoor's Acting Career

Boney Kapoor spilled beans on his youngest daughter, Khushi Kapoor's acting spree and revealed how the veteran actress, Rekha has a close connection with it.


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Boney Kapoor Reveals How Rekha Played A Crucial Role For His Daughter, Khushi Kapoor's Acting Career

Boney Kapoor and Sridevi’s daughters, Janhvi Kapoor and Khushi Kapoor has followed in the footsteps of their mother and embarked into the craft of acting. While Janhvi has already created an irresistible impact in the minds of her audience, Khushi, on the other hand, is just a film old now. She has already garnered a lot of limelight and appreciation for her performance in her debut film, The Archies. Moreover, she also has an exciting line up of anticipated projects.

Boney Kapoor shares how Rekha had an important role in shaping his daughter, Khushi’s film career

In an interview with News18 Showsha, Boney Kapoor remarked how he never knew about his youngest daughter, Khushi Kapoor simmering with hopes of joining the film industry. The filmmaker revealed for their elder daughter, Janhvi’s film career, he and their mother, Sridevi was quite sure. In the case of Khushi, it was unexpected. Moreover, Boney added that he wouldn’t have known it at all, until his daughter sent her audition clip to the veteran actress, Rekha, who then informed him after reviewing the clip. Boney mentioned:

“Khushi sent her audition (for the college admission) to Rekha, not me. Rekha told me that Khushi also wants to become an actress. Then I took her to New York and she was in New York Film Academy.”

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Boney Kapoor says he and wifey, Sridevi thought their daughter, Janhvi would become a doctor

Moving forth in the conversation, Boney Kapoor stated how he and his late wifey, Sridevi never thought that their firstborn, Janhvi Kapoor would become an actor. They instead thought that she would end up becoming a doctor. Not just her, but for both their daughters, the doting parents assumed that they would get married. Moreover, Boney mentioned how Sridevi would visit other weddings and immediately take cues from them, in order to plan them for their own daughters. In his words:

“She never wanted any of the daughters to become actors. She imagined Janhvi and Khushi getting married. Whenever we would attend a wedding, Sridevi and I would draw inspirations from the wedding and think that this is how we would get Janhvi also married. She wished for Janhvi to find a nice boy. We never thought they would grow up to become actresses. We thought Janhvi would become a doctor or something. One day she suddenly came up to Sridevi and said, I want to act.”


Boney confirmed his daughter, Janhvi Kapoor’s relationship with Shikhar Pahariya

In another interaction with Zoom, Boney Kapoor about her daughter, Janhvi Kapoor’s rumoured beau, Shikhar Pahariya. The doting dad mentioned he shares a cordial bond with the latter, and praised him for being their with the family at all times. Boney further claimed that he felt happy, proud and blessed that Shikhar Pahariya is a part of his family.

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Boney Kapoor once remembered how Sridevi stood by him strongly during financial crisis

In one of his old interactions with Komal Nahta, Boney Kapoor had once walked down the memory lane, as he spoke about a time in his career, when he faced major financial setbacks. The filmmaker revealed that it was all his mis-decisions that was the cause behind the issue, since he let passion be driven through indulgence. Moreover, he turned teary-eyed remembering his dear wifey, Sridevi, who trusted him fully and stood by his side like a strong pillar. In his words:

“God supported me, my family supported me, and Sri supported me in a very big way. She was like a rock. She understood me. She knew that I hadn’t used the money for the wrong reasons. It wasn’t like I lost money in gambling or anything. I didn’t do anything wrong. And the mistakes I made, I understand them. If you don’t have support from your wife, you’re…”


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