Charu Asopa On Being Judged For Wearing Bold Clothes, 'Divorce Pas Aa Raha, Kapde Chhote Ho Rahe'

In an interview, Charu Asopa shared how she is constantly judged for her glamorous shoots and revealing clothes despite being a single mother to her 1.5-year-old daughter, Ziana.


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Charu Asopa On Being Judged For Wearing Bold Clothes, 'Divorce Pas Aa Raha, Kapde Chhote Ho Rahe'

Popular actress, Charu Asopa often leads the headlines for her personal life, and she has once again grabbed the limelight as she has lost about 10 kgs in the last four months. Charu has been able to transform gracefully while managing her daughter, Ziana, single-handedly. The actress' post-pregnancy transformation is inspirational, and now, she's flaunting her toned physique in her glamorous photoshoot. While some people praise her, others are quite judgemental of her sporting bold clothes as a mother. 

Charu Asopa started working out two months after her delivery

In an interview with the ETimes, Charu Asopa opened up about how she lost her pregnancy weight within 1.5 years of giving birth to her daughter, Ziana. Reflecting on the same, the actress shared that she got back to the fitness regime just two months after her delivery and pushed herself to work out for one hour every day. Talking about the same, Charu said:

"My gynaecologist, after I delivered Ziana, wanted to make me feel good. She said, 'Ab toh bikini pehnne ki taiyari karo. You will look very good'. And I was like 'Abhi kaise, abhi toh I have just delivered a baby'. Toh she was like ' mahine ke baad, you can start working out'. So I got the check up done after two months. I started slow and really had to push myself to work out. I started with Pilates that was near my place. I used to go for one hour. On days I wasn't able to do it, I used to feel bad. It became a habit. Now it has been almost 1.5 years and I am back to my original weight."

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Charu Asopa on her fitness routine and diet

Talking about her fitness routine, Charu said that she used to practice all sorts of workouts and also did functional training. The actress also shared her diet and revealed that she eats proper homemade food and avoids carbs. However, when she is on her shoots, she prefers only salads and dry fruits, and she tries to sleep during the lunch breaks so that she can skip food. In her words:

"When I joined the gym, I started doing zumba, power yoga, cycling, weight training and functional training. You get bored if you do just one routine. On days, I am not shooting, I eat proper ghar ka khaana - dal chawal, roti and sabzi. But then at night, I eat less than the hunger I feel. I keep my stomach empty at night. I get done with my food by 6 or 7 pm. If Ziana doesn't sleep, then I eat something light. When I was shooting, I used to only have salads, dry fruits, and makhanas. During lunch breaks at shoot, I used to sleep thinking I'd be able to skip food. That's not healthy or right. People shouldn't do that. I won't recommend it. What I was doing was wrong but it was required then."

Charu Asopa on planning her workout schedule around Ziana

Further in the interview, Charu also revealed that when she doesn't want to work out, she chills with Ziana. She added that sometimes she goes on a walk and even takes Ziana to Orbit Mall, where they both play together. Revealing how she plans her workout schedule around Ziana, Charu said:

"I chill sometimes. When I don't want to work out, I don't. Aisa nahi hai ki mein 7 days workout karti hun. If I work out for 4 days in a week, that's enough for me. I chill with Ziana the rest of the days. I go with her to the play area. Even running after Ziana is a workout for me. Sometimes I take my friends for a walk. I am flexible about it. Also, there's this place in Orbit Mall where lots of kids come, and I take her there when I am not in the mood for a workout. I run, and Ziana runs after me. That becomes a workout. I plan my workout schedule around Ziana."

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Charu Asopa on people judging her fashion choices

Charu Asopa often becomes a victim of online trolling, as she is often judged for everything she does. Reflecting on the same, the actress shared how people judge her for wearing revealing clothes and pass hate comments on her. However, she added that the trolls have increased manifold now that she is a single mother. In her words:

"When you are a mother, there's judgement that you can't wear revealing clothes. Some people comment that 'Jaise jaise divorce ka date paas aa raha hai, waise waise kapde chote hote ja rahe hain'. I used to wear such clothes before as well, but then it was fine. But now it's not because I am a single mother. If I am wearing such clothes, it doesn't mean I don't love my daughter. People say leave all this, and focus on the kid."

Charu Asopa slams people who judge her for living her life

There is no denying the fact that Charu is living the best life with her baby girl, Ziana, and she never pays heed to the hatred. However, in the same interview, Charu slammed the trolls for their mentality and shared that she wants to be Ziana's friend so she could share everything with her. Talking about the same, she said:

"I don't know where such comments come from and what's the mentality of such people. Or people have been fed this that if you become a mother, you should forget living your life. When a kid is born, the mother is born with her. I can be a friend to Ziana as well besides being her mother, so she could share everything with me. You don't have to live life a certain way. And you can't judge someone's character based on their clothes."

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