Chhavi Mittal Teaches All Moms Not To Put Pressure On Their Newborns, Stresses On Natural Delivery

'S.I.T.' fame, Chhavi Mittal became a mother to a baby boy, Arham Hussein in May 2019. Scroll down as she taught newbie mommies not to pressurise their little ones at such a tender age.


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Chhavi Mittal Teaches All Moms Not To Put Pressure On Their Newborns, Stresses On Natural Delivery

The morning sight of every newbie mommy is a blissful feeling for they get to witness the goo-goo-gah-gah of their newborns. Whether it is your first baby or second one, the excitement to capture the cute antics of the 'little you' is magical. When we talk of famous television actress and S.I.T. co-founder, Chhavi Mittal in here, she is the one who has been writing about all of it and not just that, she had even been sharing it with her #InstaFamJam.

Chhavi Mittal who is happily married to Mohit Hussein, and is a mother to a grown-up girl, Areeza Hussein and a newborn son, Arham Hussein, had a joyful ride with her second pregnancy. Though she also had her own share of hurdles, her optimism and honesty in her Instagram posts have been praiseworthy. May 13, 2019, was the day when Arham Hussein came into being and had spread happiness in the lives of Chhavi, Mohit and Areeza, completing their family of four! (Also Check: Dipika Kakar Is Bowled Over By Hubby, Shoaib Ibrahim's Heartfelt Gesture After Her Day At Work)

Chhavi Mittal and Mohit Hussein

Yesterday (August 26, 2019), Chhavi had taken to share a lovely picture of newborn, Arham Hussein with his elder sister, Areeza Hussein, illustrating sibling love. But what she had noticed was that people were wowed by Arham holding his neck within only three months of his birth. Today, on August 27, 2019, she yet again took to social media to teach all the mothers not to be worried about their LOs and put pressure on them at such a tender age.

Chhavi Mittal

Sharing the above picture of Arham and herself, Chhavi penned, “Yesterday I shared a post with little @arhamhussein where he was seen with sister @areezahussein. I couldn't help but notice a similar response from many parents. "My LO is not holding his/her neck yet, how old is Arham". Dear parents, let's not start putting pressure on our LOs at this tender age itself! Pressure to be first. First to hold their necks, start turning, sitting, talking, walking. This is how performance pressure sets in. The habit of always being in a race. To come first in class, have the best job, earn the highest salary, driving the fanciest car, living in the fanciest house. The list never ends.” (Also Read: Urvashi Dholakia Opens Up About Working With Ex-Beau, Anuj Sachdeva Post Elimination From The Show)

Chhavi Mittal

Clarifying what her previous post was all about and how most of her followers noticed the dampener, she further wrote, “My post was about the simple joys that define our whole life and many of you missed the joy and found a dampener in the form of your LO not lifting his/her neck! Every baby/child/mother/human being is different. Everyone has their own qualities, short comings, habits, idiosyncracies. Let's not compare but try to find the best within our own lives.”

Last but not the least, Chhavi stressed on the natural birthing process and further communicated, “Having said that, I also take this opportunity to once again stress on natural labour! I feel, my little @arhamhussein has crossed his first milestone of lifting his head beautifully beacuse I allowed him to stay inside the womb for as long as he wanted to. I did not induce although it became increasingly difficult during the last few weeks. I felt it has made a HUGE difference in his early developmental skills. Hence, unless there is an emergency, maybe my pregnant friends can try to go as natural as possible too! Meanwhile, share with me what your LO does best that defines him/her and makes him/her different from the rest! #Littleone.” (Do Check: Late Arun Jaitley’s Actress-Niece, Ridhi Dogra Mourns His Death, Pens An Emotional Note For Him)

Chhavi Mittal and Arham Hussein

To give you all a quick recap, the ones who’d missed out, below is the snap Chhavi had shared yesterday and along with the same, she had highlighted the love of siblings and how Areeza sings to her baby brother. Here’s how she had worded the post as “The lovely sight I get to see first thing in the mornings. When little @arhamhussein and little @areezahussein just look at each other, smile at each other and shower bliss around. Sometimes she sings to him and he just cannot wipe the toothless smile off his face, his eyes following her around when she's dancing. Is there any other spot in the world that is more beautiful and serene than this one? Why do we search for peace outside, when we are well equipped to find it right where we are at all times? #recognisingbeauty.”

Areeza and Arham

Chhavi Mittal is amongst those celeb moms who shed off her post-pregnancy weight within just a few days after delivering Arham. For sharing her drastic weight loss journey, Chhavi had taken to her Instagram handle and posted a picture collage of before (with the baby bump) and after (post-delivery) in same dress. Along with the same, she had written, “Post pregnancy weight loss journey is a never-ending journey it seems. Looking at this picture I realise that I had almost forgotten how huge my bump was! How uncomfortable, how exhausted I always felt, and how tough those days were! Surprisingly we human beings have this amazing ability to forget the difficult times, however we don't always use it. But coming back to the weight issues, many women are asking me about how I managed to lose the weight. Well, there's not much I can do right now, but what does come in handy, and I'm gonna say it thrice to emphasise, is-discipline, discipline, discipline.” (Don't Miss: Sangram Singh Of 'Yeh Hai Mohabbatein' Poses With His Newborn, Wife's Birthday Wish Is Pure Love)

Chhavi Mittal

Chhavi had further informed that she doesn’t eat sugar and have even boycotted dairy, “I DON'T eat sugar and have shunned dairy. No, having milk will not make more milk just like having eggs won't start making you produce eggs! (For the BFing moms). I still have 4 kgs to go, although trust me the body is just not the same after a major surgery. I felt normal in 10 days after my normal delivery and I'm still struggling after 3 months of a C-section. But hopefully good times will be here again, and then I'll put my super ability to forget to good use and look upon this time as something that happened in another life! Btw, simple BFing and avoiding these 2 things in my diet is making me lose inches faster than the kgs so I don't mind. Mothers try this at your own risk, and don't forget to do your due diligence before following me blindly! Love & peace from me to you #weightlossjourney.”

Here's wishing Chhavi and her little baby boy, Arham all the happiness!

Images courtesy: Chhavi
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