10 Controversial Love Triangles Of Bollywood: From Rekha-Amitabh-Jaya To Salman-Aishwarya-Vivek

Take a look at some of these most controversial love triangles ever witnessed in Bollywood, which grabbed the limelight for all gossip lovers!


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10 Controversial Love Triangles Of Bollywood: From Rekha-Amitabh-Jaya To Salman-Aishwarya-Vivek

Bollywood has witnessed some of the most bizarre and controversial love stories so far. Much like the cinema itself, these relationships have seldom been hidden from the public eye and because of their contended interests, it easily makes for one of the most scandalous news headlines in no time. Well then, take a look at a few such love triangles among eminent Bollywood celebs which became the hot topic of debate in their times!

#1. The infamous saga of Rekha, Amitabh Bachchan and Jaya Bhaduri

rekha amitabh jaya

Topping in the list of such untoward love triangles is none other than Amitabh Bachchan’s love triangle with the two leading ladies of his generation, Jaya Bhaduri and Rekha. While he married Jaya in 1973, yet he was also involved in an extra-marital relationship with his frequent co-star, Rekha. Moreover, it was also reported that the duo had secretly gotten married and proof of the same was found when Rekha arrived at Rishi Kapoor’s wedding by flaunting her sindoor and mangalsutra. Nevertheless, though Amitabh walked away from his relationship and led a happy household with Jaya, Rekha still continues to openly flaunt her love and affection for Amitabh.

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#2. Ranbir Kapoor’s fling with Deepika Padukone but left her for Katrina Kaif

ranbir deepika aktrina

Ranbir Kapoor’s personal life has always garnered a lot of attention, specifically because of the many past relationships he has had. However, out of them all, what caught most attention was his almost simultaneous relationship with Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. Ranbir and Deepika started dating one another after their film, Bachna Ae Haseeno. However, soon enough she found out that the actor was two-timing with Katrina Kaif and had been cheating on her for a while then.

#3. Priyanka Chopra fell for Harman Baweja, only to move on with Shahid Kapoor

priyanka harman shahid

Priyanka Chopra and Harman Baweja made for a stunning couple back in 2008 when the duo’s film, Love Story 2050 was released. While the film flopped at the box office, it was reported that the duo’s sentiments for each other were more personal and romantically intimate. Unfortunately, it seems that the failure of their film ended up taking a toll on their relationship, due to which Priyanka broke up with Harman and found her love interest in Shahid Kapoor.

#4. Aditya Pancholi dated Kangana Ranaut while being married to Zarina Wahab

aditya zarina kangana

Aditya Pancholi fell in love with 20-years younger Kangana Ranaut at a time when the latter was still in her struggling period of finding a debut in Bollywood. Their love blossomed despite the fact that Aditya was already married to his wife, Zarina Wahab. Interestingly, the couple broke up when news of physical violence against Kangana by Aditya was brought out by the former.

#5. Bipasha Basu’s steamy affairs with the two hunks, Dino Morea and John Abraham

bipasha dino john

Bipasha Basu fell in love with her Raaz co-star, Dino Morea and the duo dated each other passionately for a long time. But, due to unknown reasons, they broke up and Bipasha was quick to move on with John Abraham. Nevertheless, it was secretly speculated that the actress’ previous breakup was majorly due to the fact that she started seeing John by then.

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#6. Akshay Kumar had a tough choice to choose between Shilpa Shetty and Twinkle Khanna

akshay shilpa twinkle

Bollywood’s iconic khiladi, Akshay Kumar got romantically involved with his Main Khiladi Tu Anadi co-star, Shilpa Shetty. While the latter was madly in love with him, she got the most heart-breaking reality check when she discovered that Akshay had been two-timing with her all along while he simultaneously dated Twinkle Khanna. As a result, Shilpa broke up with him and Akshay ended up marrying Twinkle.

#7. Salman Khan felt betrayed when Katrina Kaif dumped him and dated Ranbir Kapoor

salman katrina ranbir

Salman Khan gave love another chance when he fell for his Yuvraaj co-star, Katrina Kaif. This relationship also became the much-needed turning point in career for Katrina who rode high on success after that. However, things changed in 2009 when Katrina started to work in the film, Ajab Prem Ki Ghazab Kahani opposite Ranbir Kapoor. Reportedly, Ranbir at this time was dating Deepika Padukone. At the end, the result is almost known to everyone. Katrina broke up with Salman and on the other hand, Ranbir too broke up with Deepika.

#8. Sanjay Khan's affair with Zeenat Aman while still married to Zarine Katrak

sanjay zarine zeenat

Erstwhile model, Zarine Katrak left her ambition and followed her heart when she got married to Sanjay Khan. The duo was blessed with three kids and was living a perfect family life when sudden news of Sanjay’s extra-marital relationship with Zeenat Aman shook their ground. It was also speculated that he had even married Zeenat secretly. Unfortunately, this love triangle ended on an ugly note when Sanjay Khan thrashed Zeenat Aman during an altercation.

#9. Kareena Kapoor quickly moved on from Shahid Kapoor to Saif Ali Khan

kareena shahid saif

Shahid Kapoor and Kareena Kapoor became the hit jodi of the decade. With the dating rumours of them going stronger than ever, it seemed that the couple was already painting the town red with their mushy romance. However, things hit rock bottom for them when it came about that Kareena had fallen in love with Saif Ali Khan in the same time. Thereafter, she ended her relationship with Shahid and went ahead to get married to Saif.

#10. Salman Khan was envious after Aishwarya Rai went to the arms of Vivek Oberoi

salman aishwarya vivek

Salman Khan’s love and breakup story with former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai is known to many. Despite being a perfect match, the couple broke up allegedly due to Salman’s abusive behaviour. However, right after her breakup, Aishwarya started dating Vivek Oberoi, which reportedly fumed Salman with anger. Sadly, Vivek and Aishwarya’s relationship was brief and they parted ways amicably soon enough.

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