15 Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband That He Is Soon Going To Become A Daddy


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15 Cute Ways To Tell Your Husband That He Is Soon Going To Become A Daddy

Pregnancy is the most beautiful phase in any couple’s life as the baby who is on its way binds the two individuals in a relationship together. A baby is something that they created together as a team and the feeling is beyond what words can express. The nine months of pregnancy make this husband-wife relationship very special, full of love and care!

If you are one of those ladies who are planning for a baby, or you have just done home pregnancy test and got the results positive, this article is for you! As it is the most special news that you will be sharing with your hubby, why not do it with a little creativity and fun. Here are the cutest and the most creative ways in which you can announce your pregnancy to your husband.

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#1. Photobomb him with this happy news

Convince him to go for a couple photoshoot and ask the photographer to tell the two of you to try blackboard shot, where the two of you write something cute for each other. Let him write whatever he wants, you can write the news of your baby arriving in nine months. Let the photographer capture his happy expressions and the moment!

#2. Write it on your belly

Yes, you heard us right! Paint your belly with something creative like ‘Baby loading….10% complete’ and gift wrap it. Now wear a loose t-shirt and tell him that there is a surprise inside. Let him get all the naughty thoughts, while removing your t-shirt. He will be totally surprised to see his gift!

#3. Say it with everything sweet

Why not share this wonderful news with everything sweet! You can be as creative as you want to with this one. Choose small cupcakes or donuts in pink and blue with a message either written on the inside of the box or on the cupcakes and donuts. You can also decorate the box!

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#4. Put the message inside fortune cookies

Take him out for a coffee date and ask the waiter to serve fortune cookies (the ones with pregnancy related messages in it). Let your hubby dear pick fortune cookie and guess what the future holds for him. Let’s see how easily he can guess the hint!

#5. Hide it in his coffee/tea mug

Everyone needs a cup of tea or coffee to kick start their day. Make his early morning joyful. Serve him a hot cup of tea or coffee and hide the message at the bottom of it. He will enjoy his drink until he will reach the bottom and bam! – He reaches the bottom and reads the news, followed by a sudden rush of happiness!

#6. Put small knickknacks around that a baby needs

Place a cute baby toothbrush along with your toothbrushes in your toiletry stand. Let him open his eyes and guess what it is doing in your brush stand. If he doesn’t guess it then, place a pack of diapers in his drawer, where he keeps his pair of socks or handkerchief. We are sure your smart hubby will soon get the hints and jump with joy!

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#7. Place the positive pregnancy test kit

Announce your pregnancy loud and clear by placing the positive pregnancy test kit near his car keys or his cup of coffee, with a message like- “Our key to happiness is about to arrive in 9 months.” You can also place a box of chocolates to celebrate the moment.

#8. A cute card to make the announcement

What better way to announce your pregnancy than saying it with beautiful words. You can make a card that says, “You + Me = Three” or “What is a dad? YOU. You is a dad.” We are sure, your husband will be crying happy tears after reading the news of his baby.

#9. Say it with food

Plan a date night at home only. Deck up your bedroom with some aroma candles and watch a romantic movie together. After you are in that mood, have pizza for dinner and let him open the pizza box. He will be surprised to see what is written on his favourite pizza! Or, you can serve him some pasta in a plate with the message written on its surface. We assure you that it will be followed by a lot of kisses and hugs.

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#10. Gift him a box of happiness

Let the courier guy deliver a box of happiness which contains a baby t-shirt, your positive pregnancy test kit, a cute mug with ‘Papa Bear’ written on it and a daddy t-shirt. Let him open his box of happiness and be on cloud nine after getting the news.

#11. Take some help from your pet

If you have a dog at home, let your little baby pet announce the arrival of its human sibling. Take a hint from this picture, how cute it is. You too can put a placard in your dog’s neck with a cute message that announces the arrival of your little one.

#12. Say it with a naughty card

Either look for it in a store, or make it yourself, get naughty with words and announce your baby’s arrival with a mischievous card. Let your husband get the news with a dash of humour. There are hundreds of naughty pregnancy messages that you are going to find on internet. Start looking for it right away!

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#13. Let your t-shirt do the talking

Wear a t-shirt with the message that says you are pregnant and roam around in the house, doing your daily household chores. Let’s see when he notices you in that t-shirt and shout in excitement!

#14. Put the message on the mirror

As soon as he wakes up and sees the mirror, he will be totally baffled to see what is written on it! It will surely take him a few minutes to understand what exactly happened. You can see his confused, excited and happy expressions in the mirror only!

#15. Plan a surprise at home

Pan a surprise for him as soon as he returns from work. Let him open the door of your room and see balloons hanging with little note cards. Write mushy things on these cards and let him find that one card which has the main message written on it or else you can something like what it is in the picture.

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We hope you liked this creative ideas to announce such a special news to your husband. You can choose any one of these ideas to share the good news with him. And, if you have any other ideas to share with us, do post them in the comments section below! Happy pregnancy!