Diljit Dosanjh Says He Sacrificed A Lot Of Things For His Career, Remarks, 'Cost Me A Lot Of Things'

Diljit Dosanjh retrospected on his career spanning over more than two decades and remarked how none of it had been quick fame and easy to win.


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Diljit Dosanjh Says He Sacrificed A Lot Of Things For His Career, Remarks, 'Cost Me A Lot Of Things'

Diljit Dosanjh has been one true-blue artist who has captivated everyone with his melodies, acting chops, sassy personality and whatnot. He also gathered spotlight at the international forum, especially after his massively successful performance at the Coachella Music Festival last year, followed by his impressive stint with the Dil-Luminati Tour in Vancouver. More recently, Diljit became the first Indian singer to mark his presence on the The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, making everyone proud. However, despite attaining such heights of stardom, Diljit has always remained grounded, and has never taken it for granted.

Diljit Dosanjh says his stardom hasn’t been a result of quick fame

During the promotions of his upcoming Punjabi film in Chandigarh, Diljit Dosanjh retrospected on his career spanning over more than two decades now. He emphasised that his fame hasn’t been overnight, and he had to contribute towards it each passing day. Furthermore, Diljit explained that the stardom he has now, costed him deeply, since he wasn’t even able to spare time for his family. In his words:

“It’s not overnight fame. You can never make it happen in one day. I have been in the industry for almost 22 years and have worked day and night to stand where I am today. This cost me a lot of things, I couldn’t give my family much time. All those years of hard work have now paid rich dividends, but I have more things planned. Just wait and watch.”

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Diljit revealed he lacks in basic life skills, isn’t good at bargaining and can’t book a cab

Earlier, during a conversation on Raj Shamani’s podcast, Diljit Dosanjh remarked how even after achieving so much in life, there has been few things in which he still lacks at. The artist confessed that he is extremely bad in bargaining skills, especially when it comes to finalising the remuneration for his work. He further mentioned that he cannot even book a cab, flight or hotels. Diljit mentioned:

“I am not good with finance, and I am generally not good at other things. I can’t bargain, and people will always tell me, ‘You leave it, we will do that.’ Agar koi puchega ki kitne paise loge, I won’t be able to bargain. I can’t plan these things. I can’t book Uber. I don’t have the app, and I don’t even know how to do it. I have never booked a hotel in my life. I have never booked a flight. I can’t do these small day-to-day tasks, and I have never done them in my life.”


When Diljit revealed he ran away from home for a girl

In another segment of the interview, Diljit recalled a moment in his early life when he tried to run away from his home at the age of 8. He explained taking such a drastic decision, because of a girl. Diljit narrated how once a school senior asked him about the girl he likes and the former pointed to one particular person. The senior then further probed him to go and confess his liking to the girl, and tell her that he would marry her. However, to Diljit’s shock, the girl complained about him to their teacher, who ended up calling his parents.

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Diljit Dosanjh opened up about his strained equation with parents

Previously, in a conversation with Ranveer Allahabadia, Diljit Dosanjh touched upon the topic of his strained relations with his parents. The singer revealed that he was made to leave his home by his parents at the age of 11, a decision that was forced on him. However, it was this move which distanced him from his parents, straining their bonding forever. Diljit added:

“I was eleven years old when I left my home and started living with my mamaji (maternal uncle). I came to the city leaving my village behind. I shifted to Ludhiana. He said ‘send him to the city with me’ and my parents said ‘yes, take him.’ My parents did not even ask me.”


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