Dimpy Ganguly Talks About The Fear Of Managing Two Kids When She Was Pregnant With Her Son, Aryaan

Like every mother, Dimpy Ganguly too had a fear of how she will manage her two kids when she was pregnant with her son. She narrated her story!


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Dimpy Ganguly Talks About The Fear Of Managing Two Kids When She Was Pregnant With Her Son, Aryaan

Dimpy Ganguly is living her ‘happily ever after’ with her soulmate and childhood crush, Rohit Roy. Dimpy and Rohit had known each other for years and had tied the knot on November 27, 2015. It was on June 20, 2016, when Dimpy and Rohit had embraced parenthood for the first time with the arrival of a princess, whom they have named Reanna Roy. And on Easter eve, i.e., April 11, 2020, Dimpy and Rohit had completed their family with the arrival of their prince, whom they have named Aryaan Roy. 

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It was on October 15, 2020, when Dimpy Ganguly had posted their first-ever family picture with their two kids in the frame and had wished her hubby, Rohit on their wood anniversary. Dimpy had captioned the picture as "5 years.. 4 different houses.. 3 countries 2 babies 1 love! Happy 7th of June @acidxxx #5thanniversary #woodanniversary."

Dimpy Ganguly Family

Like every mother, Dimpy too had a fear of how she would manage her two kids, Reanna and Aryaan, when she was pregnant with her son. Narrating her story to an IG page, Humans of 2020, Dimpy said, “Around the time my son was due birth, my daughter was starting nursery, and I wondered how I would manage with two kids. I was also feeling sad for my daughter since she had been the centre of attention, and suddenly, a new baby was going to join us; I was very apprehensive of how I would look after two kids on my own. But my worries were unwarranted; with the grandparents around, everything was smooth and easy. Even though no one was used to seeing so much of each other, everything worked out well.”

Dimpy Ganguly Family

Dimpy further shared that as there was lockdown due to COVID when their son, Aryaan was born, it came as an advantage as her husband, Rohit was home and it helped them raise their baby together. She said, “As a bonus, my husband, who is usually very busy and would travel a lot, was forced to work from home due to Covid. He never imagined that he would be more productive at work, working from home, yet he feels he is. He tells me he’s happier because he can take breaks to spend time with the family and have meals with us. And of course, he could spend a lot of time with our son! Overall, the past year has been a beautiful year for me, and I’m so grateful for my blessings.”

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Dimpy Ganguly Family

Dimpy also shared that it was her mother, who had come to Dubai to be with them during the last phase of her pregnancy to help her. She said, “2020 was supposed to be a very special year. The birth of my second child, my son, was due in April. I wanted the birth to be in Dubai, where I live. After the birth, I had planned to go back home to India to introduce our baby and spend time with my family and friends. In January 2020, the coronavirus news was gaining steam. Around that time, my mother was scheduled to come to Dubai to support me during the last stages of my pregnancy. Even though skeptical about coming, as she would never consider leaving my father back home alone for an extended period, she arrived in Dubai in February 2020 for one month. Many countries were locking down. However, the virus seemed far away, and nobody thought that UAE and India would lock down so soon and so completely.”

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Dimpy Ganguly Mother

Well, Dimpy is managing both her kids, Reanna and Aryaan perfectly!

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