Dipika Kakar's Bonding With Her Sister-In-Law, Saba Ibrahim Is Giving 'Nanad-Bhabhi' Goals


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Dipika Kakar's Bonding With Her Sister-In-Law, Saba Ibrahim Is Giving 'Nanad-Bhabhi' Goals

The newly-wedded couple of telly world, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim are painting the town red with their romance. After dating for a long time, Dipika and Shoaib walked down the aisle on February 22, 2018, in a beautiful nikah ceremony. Knowing each other for a long time, it seems like the two gel really well with each other’s families.

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This much in love couple is so close that they have accepted each other’s family as their own and have equal love and respect for them. Dipika is very close to Shoaib’s mother and sister. In an interview, Dipika was quoted as saying:

“I have always longed for family. Ammi sends dabba for me when my mother is not there. I feel I am more close to his mom than him.”

Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim

And Dipika with her sister-in-law, Saba Ibrahim launched a fashion contour named after her mother-in-law. When Dipika was asked about this concept, she reverted:

“The fashion line is named after our Ammi's name and she is the inspiration behind my clothing line. My sister-in-law was the one who gave me the idea to turn into stylist. She told me since I have a very different and elegant style, I can venture into having a clothing line for girls who can wear the type of clothes you do. I am enjoying playing with fabrics, colours, etc. Earlier, I was doing it only for myself and our family but now I have decided to take it one step further as a business.”

Dipika Kakar, Shoaib and Saba Ibrahim

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Dipika Kakar is always spotted chilling out with her sister-in-law cum best friend, Saba and they both share a great rapport with each other. They both have a great time with each other and their Instagram pictures are a proof of that. Let us show you some pictures and lovely captions of this amazing duo which will surely give some nanad-bhabhi goals.

Saba’s pre-birthday gift for her bhabhi

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

And Dipika captioned it:

“And here I get the best surprise!!! my doll @sabaibrahim93 gets me all the cute gifts makes me feel so special!!! And above all she gives me the best gift in the world!!!! She starts calling me BHABI. love uuuuuu!!!!! #happiestmoment #feeling #special #blessed”

Dipika is proud of her sister-in-law

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Dipika remarked:

“This feeling when my little doll @sabaibrahim93 sends me the pic of her first salary chq!!!!! God bless you bacha!!!! so so happy and Soooooo PROUD Of you!!!! ye to shuruwaat hai sky is the limit!!!! keep working hard!!! keep rocking!!! keep smiling!!! Love u always”

Girl’s day out

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Dipika wrote:

“Girls day out!!! Sorry @shoaib2087 tum ghar pe hi raho”

“Our together is forever”

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Dipika’s birthday wish for her best friend, Saba

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Dipika captioned it:

“I’m so glad to have found a best friend in you! You are a person I can confide in, cry on you shoulder when your brother troubles me, take your perfect suggestions wen I get stuck in anything n everything, you are the motivator wen I feel low, So you are the True Princess Of our Hearts!!!! Wish you a very happy birthday @saba_ka_jahaan!!!!! Mera bacha hamesha khush rahe kabhi kisiki nazar na lage. Loveeee youuuuuu!!!!”

Dipika feels blessed to have a nanad like Saba

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

The caption could be read as:

“This moment wen we both shared the joy the happiness through our eyes... we didnt say a word to each other.. and we knew what exactly we both are saying... Thank you @saba_ka_jahaan for being what you are, every girl should be blessed with a "nanad" like you”

Saba’s wish for her bhaiya-bhabhi

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Saba remarked:

“May Allah bless my bhai and bhabhi always”

Saba’s birthday wish for her bhabhi

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Saba wrote:

“Happy birthday best friend.. no emotinal baatein here.. You know what you mean to me.. love you dil se.. Wo bhi bohot sara..”

Eid Mubarak

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Dipika captioned the picture saying:

“Saba trusted me with her pretty plain white kurta that was my canvas & I painted these flowers on it... How do you like it? #mymuse #loveforpainting”

Saba thanked her dear bhabhi saying:

“So this the full picture of my Eid dress.. It looks more beautiful because the flowers are painted by @ms.dipika bhabhi..”

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

Saba captioned the above picture:

“Who needs #bff when you have such a cool bhabhi..”

These two ladies are bonding big time and Saba really loves her bhabhi. On Dipika’s birthday, Saba shared this beautiful poem. Take a look:

Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim

For the uninitiated ones, this Sasural Simar Ka couple, Dipika Kakar and Shoaib Ibrahim fell in love while working together. Dipika was earlier married to a businessman, but things didn’t work out between the two, so the couple got divorced. It was only after her divorce and taking time to assure that her love for Shoaib is not a rebound from her past, Dipika confessed her love for him. And now they are enjoying their marital life and making the most of it with their families too.

We are so happy to see Dipika bonding beautifully with Shoaib’s family. Dipika Kakar and Saba Ibrahim are surely giving some major nanad-bhabhi goals.

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