Divya Agarwal Enjoys A Guitar Session With Boyfriend, Varun Sood, Later Goes On An Ice Cream Date

Divya Agarwal enjoys cute, little moments with her boyfriend, Varun Sood, making us go aww! Their guitar session and ice cream date are too adorable!


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Divya Agarwal Enjoys A Guitar Session With Boyfriend, Varun Sood, Later Goes On An Ice Cream Date

We all have plans for our lives, however, the truth is, our life has plans for all of us. You would never know when you will be hit by a roadblock and the way forward will look all blurry. It is during these times that we all need someone to hold our hand and guide us. Divya Agarwal is a lucky bird as she got her beau, Varun Sood by her side through all the lows and highs of her life. The two have stood by each other through every storm of their life and have showered each other with endless rose petals. (Also Read: Pregger, Anita Hassanandani Is Nervous And Cannot Wait For The Baby To Pop As Her Due Date Is Soon)

A relationship flourishes only when you can accept each other for good or bad and you can enjoy each other’s company, even in calm. The day you start to accept one another’s silence is the day you can understand your love for each other. Varun Sood and Divya Agarwal are setting the right standards of modern relationship and their little moments take their fans by awe. We got hold of Varun and Divya’s cute moments and they are certainly worth cherishing.

varun sood and divya agaarwal

Taking to her IG handle, Divya Agarwal shared two cute moments with her beau, Varun Sood and the calmness of their relationship has melted our hearts. In the first video, we can see Varun playing guitar and singing, while Divya can be seen sitting in front of him, enjoying the session and recording it. In the second video, we can see Divya holding an ice cream and thanking Varun for it as he took her out on an ice cream date. These adorable moments of ‘Divrun’ made us go aww.

Divya has always treated Varun as her bacha and she celebrates every milestone of her baby’s life. The doting girlfriend, Divya had celebrated the milestone of her beau, Varun Sood achieving 1.2 million followers on his IG, with a lovely kiss. On June 11, 2020, Divya had taken to her Instagram handle to share a beautiful picture with her boyfriend, Varun Sood. In the picture, Divya could be seen giving a lovely peck on Varun's cheeks as he had made some goofy expressions. Along with it, she had written, "Congratulations my baby for 1.2 million.. our family is getting bigger n better! @varunsood12 #aslihai.” (Don't Miss: Shilpa Shetty's Daughter, Samisha Celebrates Her First Lohri With Her Family, Enjoys Popcorn [Video])

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Divya Agarwal and Varun Sood have been dating each other for years now and often their fans wish for them to get married. In a conversation with the Mumbai Mirror, Divya was enquired about her marriage plans with her boyfriend, Varun Sood. Divya had shared that had their 2020 gone normal, the couple might have had planned something. She had said, "If 2020 was a very normal year, then we would definitely have planned something. But not right now, because we have so much to do. I think 2021 is the year we both are looking out for working crazily and building our individual personalities. Maybe in 2022 or 2023, you never know (laughs). We also have Varun's sister to get married first." 


Wondering what had gotten Divya and Varun close to each other? Divya had answered this question in a conversation with SpotboyE and was quoted as saying, "People don't know this but before coming on this show--- Varun and I used to talk to each other for 4-5 hours in the night. I stay in Mumbai and he stays in Delhi, but we used to play 60s ke songs of Mohd Rafi and Mukesh and make each other hear them. So we were anyway very, very close pehle se. In fact, I would say we were just misunderstanding each other by calling each other as a best friend. The feeling was much more than that, and we realised that only in the show." (Recommended Read: Karanvir Bohra's Newborn Daughter's First Lohri Celebrations, Got A Cute Nickname From Twin Sisters)

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