Divya Agarwal Gets Hate Comments After Shutting Period Shaming, Reveals Discussing Periods With Bro

Divya Agarwal is a strong-minded individual and had given it back to the trolls, period shaming her. However, the VJ is getting more hate comments now and is facing humiliation. Details inside!


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Divya Agarwal Gets Hate Comments After Shutting Period Shaming, Reveals Discussing Periods With Bro

From Akshay Kumar’s Padman to various actresses talking about their period stories and promoting various sanitary napkin brands, our celebrities have been trying their best to be more vocal about the need to normalise and end period shaming. Many influencers have made a point to actively talk about their period stories and sharing with their fans when they have periods, cramps and mood swings. The idea is to talk as much as people can, so that a change can be made. However, we still live in a regressive society that tries to bring the person down, even when they are trying to bring about a change. (Also Read: Deeya Chopra Mehta Shares First Picture Of Her Baby Girl, Sofia As She Turns One-Month-Old)

The famous face of MTV, Divya Agarwal, who is spending her quarantine with her boyfriend, Varun Sood is the new target for the trolls. The VJ and actress had opened up about her periods on her Instagram handle, sharing how boyfriend, Varun doesn’t know how to help and pamper her when she is on her period. Divya had received flak from a troll, telling her not to disclose her private things in public and asking her how many sanitary pads, she changes in a day. Divya, being a strong-minded individual had given it back to the troll with her wisdom, schooling the troll and others in the aptest manner. But, it seems, this schooling did not go well with the trolls, as she is now receiving worse and hate comments that she feels cannot be shared.

Divya Varun Period Story

After all the fiasco, in a conversation with SpotboyE, when asked if the backlash has stopped after giving a befitting reply to the trolls, she revealed that she is getting worse comments that she cannot even share them, “The message I have shared is very normal and now the comments I am getting on it are worse. I can't even share grabs of them. Random guys are abusing me and calling me what not.”  

Divya Agarwal

Divya also shared that her mother told her about periods when she was in Standard 4th and how her mother told her not to share this with any boy as it is a girl’s secret. On this, she was asked if she had followed her mother’s advise, the VJ went on revealing that she had shared everything with her younger brother and thus, periods are very normal to him. She said, “No, I have a younger brother and we are very close to each other. I remember I told him about this- ki ladkiyon ko na aise aise hota hai- and he was so young that he didn't even react to it. But later, when my periods started, he used to help me in all the ways- right from getting sanitary napkins for me to buying chocolates also to control my mood. When my mother saw how casual we are in our approach, her mentality changed too.”  

Divya Agarwal Family

Divya was asked the kind of reaction she is receiving after shutting down the troll. She revealed that some people are being nice to her, while some are humiliating her and asking her to secure her sabhyata and sanskriti. She said, “Somewhere messages were really sweet and hilarious but some of them were so bad. There are girls and boys who are trolling me and sending me abusive messages, humiliating me and saying how can you talk about such things openly. You are shameless, being a Hindu you should secure your sabhyata, sanskriti. And I am wondering how does religion come into the picture in all this.” (Recommended Read: Smriti Khanna Reveals How She Had Dealt With A Troll Who Said 'Tere Bacche Ko Corona Ho Jaye')

Divya Agarwal

She also talked about how there was a certain section of people, who were happy with her decision to come out in open and how some of them even messaged Varun on the ways to treat Divya. She replied, “Many girls were happy about the fact that I was discussing my periods openly. Then, there were men who were supportive and sent sweetly messages. In fact, few have messaged Varun on how to treat your girlfriend when she is in period like Didi ko chocolate khilao, unke liye cake lekar aao, pair dabao and Varun told me, 'Mujhe subah se lecture mil rahe hain Divya because of you (laughs).' And then there was this interesting message which I received from a guy, who also told me not to share the screenshot of his message. He told me how his girlfriend screams at him a lot when she is in periods. That was hilarious.” (Don't Miss: Angad Bedi Praises Wife, Neha Dhupia For Raising Their Daughter, Mehr In The Most Passionate Way)

Divya Agarwal

We are proud of Divya for being vocal about such an important topic and giving it back to the trolls!

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