Priyank's Ex Divya Agarwal Wants To Enter Bigg Boss 12 With Benafsha's Rumoured Beau Varun Sood


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Priyank's Ex Divya Agarwal Wants To Enter Bigg Boss 12 With Benafsha's Rumoured Beau Varun Sood

Bigg Boss is one such reality show which makes it to the headlines even after the show has ended. The Bigg Boss seasons contestants grab the attention with the controversies and their personal lives every now and then. And for the limelight, much-needed recognition and fame, becoming a part of the most controversial reality show of all time, is every struggling actor’s dream. (Also Read: Splitsvilla Fame Divya Agarwal Spills Beans On Dating Priyank Sharma Again)

Now this time, Bigg Boss Season 12 is apparently releasing early, and the casting is going on in the full swing. And one person who is keen on joining Salman Khan’s controversial reality show is Divya Agarwal, Bigg Boss Season 11’s much-talked-about contestant, Priyank Sharma’s ex-girlfriend. In an interview with a media portal, Divya Agarwal expressed her desire to be a part of the show and would like the audience to see the true personality of hers.

Divya Agarwal

When asked whom she would like to bring in or take as a partner, she said she would like to go with Varun Sood or Baseer Ali. As Bigg Boss fans would know that Bigg Boss 11 contestant, Benafsha Soonawala was allegedly dating Varun when she entered the house. During the course of season 11, Priyank’s brewing closeness with his co-contestant Benafsha created a tiff between him and Divya. And as a result, Divya broke up with Priyank, while he was still in the house.

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal

In one of the episodes, Divya made an appearance on the show and called it quits on national television with Priyank. Recently, Divya featured in Suyyash Rai’s latest single named, Bob Marley, which also stars Benafasha. As an acknowledgement of everyone’s hard work, Priyank took to his Instagram account to praise the entire case, giving special mentions to Benafsha and Suyyash but completely ignoring Divya.

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal

Priyank wrote, “So this is specially for you benu @benafshasoonawalla since you have officially NAILED THIS ONE COMPLETELY and for looking STUNNING in this song and for singing an amazing one @suyyashrai @starboyloc , it is an amazing amazing track and is on the top of my playlist . LOVED IT! Bob Marley is OUT! P.s. I tried to copy your step benu.” (Also Read: Priyank Sharma Didn't Praise His Ex-GF Divya Agarwal In 'Bob Marley', People Started Trolling Him)

And soon after he posted this on social media, trolls started targeting him for ignoring to praise Divya. One user wrote, “@priyanksharma Even Divya is der in da song! I guess, u shld hv praised her too #Mr. Playboy.” And the other one read, “May be you can’t accept @divyaagarwal_official success.”

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal

Speaking about the episode in which she entered the Bigg Boss house and broke up with Priyank leaving him shattered, Divya was quoted as saying earlier, “It was hard for me. The reason why I went in the house was solely to give him a reality check on what was happening in the world outside and to help him play accordingly. There were also rumours that I am against Hina Khan and Luv Tyagi but I just told him Vikas Gupta is a true friend as I know them and their friendship since a very long time and I could see how Vikas’ family was getting affected with Priyank. The break up was necessary inside the house as the controversy began inside it and we started off in a reality show.”

Priyank Sharma and Divya Agarwal

She further added, “There are people who still believe we are together. It does not make a difference to the fans. It is hard for me to handle people who love us together. There were questions raised on my trust issues and his loyalty issues but you see, I can never prove them wrong because they are not. I myself am a big fan of Divyank and was hoping to work together on many other platforms but anyway.” When she was asked if she would date Priyank again, Divya replied, “No, no that is absolutely a big no. Professionally, yes but nothing personal.”

Divya Agarwal and Priyank Sharma

Speaking about Divya in a throwback interview, Priyank once stated, “When I got evicted for the first time, Divya and I had discussed that things are not working out between us. And then I went back into the house rather quickly after that, so I feel some questions had remained in her mind. But I have moved on. Perhaps Divya had some things in her mind and she wanted to clear them when she came to the house- but we couldn't communicate much. Also, we didn't have phones inside, so I couldn't call her after she left. From my side it was always clear that our relationship is over, and I hope that she too is clear about this now and hereafter.” (Also Read: Bigg Boss House Celebrity Couples Who Were Once Madly In Love But Can't Stand Each Other Now)

Priyank Sharma and Benafsha Soonawalla

On Divya accusing him of two-timing and breaking up with him on national television, Priyank shared, “Exactly, because we were with each other. So obviously, thoda toh hoga na. But now I don't want to date anyone. My whole focus has been shifted to my career. I want to grow and make it big in the entertainment industry. Fans have welcomed me warmly, so I don't want to lose their love and appreciation. I did some mistakes inside but then I apologised and that phase also over. I feel like taking a break from everything now for few days and the deep-dive into my career only. I shall concentrate on acting and dancing, soonest.”

Priyank Sharma and Divya Aggrawal

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