6 Drinks And Beverages You Should Completely Avoid Before Going To The Gym


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6 Drinks And Beverages You Should Completely Avoid Before Going To The Gym

A proper workout entails a good mix of correct exercise, proper rest and the correct diet. While you can still take care of giving your body adequate rest and balanced nutrition, a proper workout is of utmost importance and requires you to prepare your body before you head out to the gym.

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And, if you wish that your body gets the utmost benefits of visiting a gym, then it is important that you give it the right kind of nutrition before you start working out. As per a research, you should take at least 500 ml of water two hours before your workout, 200 ml of water when you do a warm-up in the gym, and depending on the sweat you produce, an additional 200 ml of water. We enlist for you some drinks that you should not take before you visit a gym and start working out.

#1. Milk-based drinks

Drinks to avoid before workout

Milk or milk-based drinks such as shakes should be a complete no before you head out for a workout. Since these products contain high quantity of protein, it takes longer to digest and can make your workout less effective. Experts suggest that the best time to take milk or milk-based drinks is after you have done the workout.

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#2. Sports drinks

Drinks to avoid before workout

Sports drinks like Gatorade should be completely off your drink list. Because, sports drinks contain a high level of sugar, your metabolism could adversely be affected. Instead of sports drinks, you can try home-made juice that is less in sugar content.

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#3. Alcohol

Drinks to avoid before workout

It goes without saying that alcohol leaves your body dehydrated, inflammatory and devoid of energy. It also has a strong negative influence on your body balance. So, you should completely avoid alcohol and if you have had alcohol, make sure that its effects have worn off before you hit the gym.

#4. Sweetened fruit beverages

Drinks to avoid before workout

While fruits are a good choice to have before a workout, the same cannot be said for packaged sweetened fruit beverages. These contain various types of sugar such as corn syrup and fructose. If you really do wish to take a fruit beverage before your workout, take out fresh juice at home but only from citrus fruits.

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#5. Carbonated beverages

Drinks to avoid before workout

Just like alcohol, carbonated beverages contain a lot of sugar and other ingredients that can cause a complete wreck to your system. If consumed before workout it can lead to gas, bloating of the stomach, and even dehydration. So, stay miles away from carbonated beverages if you plan to workout.

#6. Caffeine and nicotine-based drinks

Drinks to avoid before workout

Like the above drinks, caffeine and nicotine-based drinks are completely out of bounds, if you really want your workout sessions to pay off. In fact, caffeine and nicotine reduce the blood flow to your organs, so, when you workout, your heart starts to pump faster to balance the supply of oxygen. In turn, high-pressure on heart increases the chances of high-blood pressure overall,

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You can substitute these drinks with homemade beverages such as fresh fruit or vegetable juices, home brewed coffee, or even coconut water for an effective workout session and enjoy the maximum benefits to stay fit, happy, and healthy.