3 Easy Steps To Stop Hair Fall Using Guava Leaves In 30 Minutes


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3 Easy Steps To Stop Hair Fall Using Guava Leaves In 30 Minutes

The mere mention of guavas is enough to send one into raptures of delight. This rich and delicious fruit is a treat to the taste buds as well as the nose, since it has such a pleasant smell. But what if we tell you that the guavas give us something very wonderful which many of us do not know about.

Guava leaves are a wonderful gift to mankind. The benefits that these leaves are packed with are beyond amazing. But, there is one thing that guava leaves do best, and that is stopping hair fall. Yes, we know you were unaware of this. In fact, there are 3 easy steps through which you can curb hair fall completely, that too without using any harsh chemicals, and at home.

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Step #1. Take a handful of guava leaves and boil them

Take some leaves, and in a pan full of 1 litre of water, bring them to boil. Then let them boil for at least 20 minutes, till the goodness of the leaves has been soaked up in the water.

The greatest plus point about using guava leaves for your hair is that they are completely natural, and therefore free from harsh chemicals (obviously). Unlike the products available in the market, which claim to curb hair fall, guava leaves will definitely not have any adverse effects on your hair.

Step #2. Allow the concoction to cool down for a bit

Allow the potion to cool down completely at room temperature. Strain the leaves and store the water that is left, in a container for further use.

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The goodness of the natural agents present in the extract of the leaves will make your hair healthier and shinier. Do yourself a favour by trying this, and just see the wonders a natural solution like guava leaves can do to make your hair beautiful again. The vitamin B component in guava leaves helps strengthen the roots and hair follicles, and checks hair fall.

Step #3. Apply the extract from the roots to the tips of your hair

Take a palm full of the mix and massage it on your scalp. Keep it on for a few hours before washing it off. You can even massage it on your hair and let it stay overnight. Wear a shower cap or a towel when you go to sleep, and then rinse it off first thing in the morning.

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Including guava leaves in your regular hair care system will not only give you relief from hair fall, but make your hair long, strong and shiny. Not only your roots, but your hair follicles will be strengthened, in return making your hair shiny and strong, which are free from breakage. So, now that you are aware of all these benefits, do not throw away the leaves the next time you bring guavas home. They are as useful as the fruit itself, maybe even more.

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