Esha Deol Posts An Unseen Video From Her 'Vidaai' And Reveals Those Moments Make Her Cry Even Today

On May 19, 2020, Esha Deol had posted her vidaai video and it had perfectly captured the emotional moment of the family, the dewy-eyed bride and her sister and the teary-eyed parents.


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Esha Deol Posts An Unseen Video From Her 'Vidaai' And Reveals Those Moments Make Her Cry Even Today

‘Oh no, the car is leaving. How am I going to live without my parents?’, ‘Someone stop it, I don’t want to go!’, ‘Can everyone please stop crying. You all are making me cry even more.’, ‘Can we rewind all the shaadi things?’, ‘Everything just got real. I am done with my life as Ms and now I’ll have live the life as Mrs. Oh man!’ – The reality of the wedding celebrations finally kicks in when the bride has to bid farewell to her parents and loved ones and start a new journey with her husband. With the unstoppable tears rolling down from her eyes, these thoughts highjack her mind as she steps into the world of being married. (Also Read: Hema Malini Reveals Dharmendra Was Initially Against Esha Deol's Dancing And Her Debut In Bollywood)

Vidaai is an emotional moment at a wedding, not only for the bride but her parents too. No matter how many days pass by, reliving the vidaai moments through your wedding video will always make you cry. Esha Deol, who had tied the knot with the love of her life, Bharat Takhtani in 2012, vouches for the same. It has been 8 years since Esha and Bharat had become soulmates for life from being childhood sweethearts. Over the years, Esha and Bharat had knitted their own happily ever after with their two beautiful girls, Radhya Takhtani and Miraya Takhtani.

Esha Deol, Bharat Takhtani, Radhya Takhtani and Miraya Takhtani

On May 19, 2020, Esha Deol had posted her vidaai video and it had given us a glimpse of the inconsolable Deol family. The video had perfectly captured the emotional moment of the family, the dewy-eyed bride and her sister and the teary-eyed parents. Esha had said in the video, “I’m someone who doesn’t cry so easily. I don’t remember the last time I probably cried. When I see that vidaai video, I cry, even today I cry. It was the most close-knit group of people of mine out there and it was something that was so magical, so heartfelt.”



Meeting your partner’s parents for the first time is a mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. The anxiety and fear of will they like you or not, what if things go wrong in the meeting or how you will impress them and assure them that you’re the right one for their daughter/son, makes everything downright stressful. Do you know how casually Esha Deol had introduced her then-beau, Bharat Takhtani to her mother, Hema Malini? But before that, let us take you on the journey of how Esha had met Bharat. (Also Read: Esha Deol Reveals How Hema Malini Had Slept Through A Romantic Phone Conversation With Dharmendra)

Esha Deol and Hema Malini

In an interview with the Filmfare, Bharat Takhtani had revealed that he had studied in Learner’s Academy in Bandra while Esha Deol had studied in Jamnabai Narsee School in Juhu. So, they had met each other at inter school art competitions. Bharat had recalled, "I developed a huge crush on her. There was a certain freshness and cuteness about her. We began seeing each other.” Esha had added, “But it was an immature, stupid age. Once when he wanted to hold my hand I snapped, ‘How dare you hold my hand?’.” Bharat had revealed that though she had stopped talking to him after that, he had stayed in touch with her sister, Ahana Deol. Bharat had continued, “After that she stopped talking to me. Though I didn’t keep in touch with her, I remained friends with Ahana (Esha’s younger sister). So somewhere the connection remained. I always nurtured a soft corner for Esha. After all, she was my first love.” Esha and Bharat had reconnected 10 years later and had begun dating. But before that a cautious Bharat had asked her, “Now, can I hold your hand?” And that time, Esha had not only given a nod but had allowed him to hold it forever!

Esha Deol and Bharat Takhtani

Now came the time when Esha Deol had to introduce her parents, Hema Malini and Dharmendra to the man she loves, Bharat Takhtani. Recalling how casually she had called up her mom in her room to meet Bharat, Esha reminisced, “I called out to her and said, ‘Mama, come up! I’ve something to show you’. Mom came up to my floor, casually playing with the dogs, unaware of what was in store. Then I introduced her to Bharat. Both being Librans, hit it off instantly!” Revealing about her dad, Dharmendra’s meeting with Bharat, Esha had said, “Papa and Bharat sat alone and chatted for an hour.” Bharat had continued, “Dharamji’s seen life. He listed a few things and asked whether I’d be able to fulfil those. I’ve turned more responsible after that meeting. I’ve already fulfilled half of the things from that list.”

Esha Deol, Bharat Takhtani, Hema Malini and Dharmendra

Esha Deol is making the most of her personal life with her hubby, Bharat Takhtani and their two lovely daughters, Radhya Takhtani and Miraya Takhtani. On the professional front, Esha had taken a step towards a new venture and has now turned an author with her first book, Amma Mia. Growing up around women has instilled a strong sense of independence in Esha and gender equality comes naturally to her. Revealing that she wants to instil the same in her daughters, Radhya and Miraya, Esha had shared in an interview with the Hindustan Times, “Self-respect, dignity and grace are very important. You may look a certain way or come from a certain background but when you have these three qualities you stand apart from the crowd. That is something I have always followed and I would love to instil the same in my daughters.” (Also Read: Esha Deol Addresses Postpartum Depression Post Miraya's Birth, Shares How Mom Hema Malini Noticed It)

Esha Deol, Radhya Takhtani and Miraya Takhtani

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