Eye Shadow Hacks That Will Make Your Eyes Look Prettier Than Ever


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Eye Shadow Hacks That Will Make Your Eyes Look Prettier Than Ever

God has gifted us eyes that express a lot, without words, without sound. Everyone has different shapes of eyes, either small or big, depending on the face structure. Eye makeup helps in giving the perfect shape to your eyes as well as enhancing your look.

Therefore, you should be careful of how you do your make-up! Whenever you are applying eye shadow, a few things need to be taken into consideration, depending upon the shape of your eyes. Let us tell you how to beautify your pretty eyes further, using eye shadows in the right way!

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For small eyes

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No doubt, there are many of us who have small eyes. For them, light eye shadow will look perfect because the darker shades make eyes appear even smaller than the actual size. You can go for pastel shades during daytime and colors like pink, blue and green can work well during night events.

For big eyes

eye shadow

To give a perfect shape to bigger eyes, always apply darker shades to complete the look. It gives much better impact and one should prefer shades like dark grey, black or brown to look more attractive.

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For round eyes

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The problem of choosing the ‘right’ eye-shadow colour does not arise for someone with round eyes. However, you should surely keep one thing in mind that the outer corner of eyes should have darker shading to give a complete look. This will give you a completely transformed avatar!

For close set eyes

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Generally, these types of eyes seem much closer to each other though they are apart. Many people face a problem because they are not aware of what and how they can apply to make their eyes look prettier. For such eyes, one can go for light eye shadows in inner corner and apply dark eye shadows on the outer corner of the eyes.

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For wide set eyes

eye shadow

These types of eyes seem a little far from each other and give a broad look to the face. For a natural look, apply darker shades in the inner corner of eyes and on outer edge, apply lighter shades.

For deep set eyes

eye shadow

Deep set eyes are those, which are large and are set deep into the skull. They give out an illusion of a more prominent brow bone. If you have deep set eyes, you should apply darker shades on eye rim. Also, start an application of lighter shades and go towards upwards from bottom of the eye balls. It will make them appear larger and prettier.

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For protruding eyes

eye makeup

These eyes seem to be slightly popping out and are quite big. The shape of these can be beautified by applying medium or slightly dark shades to get effective results.

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Your eyes say a lot about you! So, you should take good care of them and make all the right efforts to make them look prettier than they already are. And now, you know how to do it, right?

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